Human Diseases Process

This assignment supports the following unit learning outcomes:  Demonstrate an understanding of the human disease process. Understand the top drugs […]

Jun 1st, 2021


Supplemental Oxygen to Hypoxic Patients

Discuss the importance of giving supplemental oxygen to hypoxic patients. What occurs at the cellular level when oxygen is not […]

Apr 28th, 2021


Walgreens Pharmacy

Project purpose: To submit strategic recommendations to leaders of the sub-team’s selected company, based on the thorough analysis of information […]

Apr 28th, 2021


Telemedicine and Telehealth

Telemedicine/ Telehealth. “ Ethical challenges of Telemedicine & Telehealth. The student will draft a proposal  contract for a future thesis […]

Apr 26th, 2021


Emmanuel Medical Center

YOU ARE TO DO PHASE 4 of the instructions attached 1. please read the case study and read the phase […]

Apr 1st, 2021


Capnography Medical Journal

Article Critique:  The article must be on a form of ADULT critical care monitoring, assessment, or adjunct critical care therapy/tx/procedure […]

Mar 20th, 2021


Skin Grafting

APA format: Paper must be three pages in length (not including title page); double-spaced; 12 point Times New Roman or […]

Mar 15th, 2021


Immune Defense Systems

You are receiving an intra-muscular vaccination in your right deltoid muscle. Examine how the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems participate in […]

Feb 6th, 2021


Etymology of Medical Language

Etymology is the study of word origins and their evolution throughout time.  I have included an article that should stimulate […]

Jan 16th, 2021


A Case on Nervous Tissue

Case Study One – Bad Fish: A Case on Nervous Tissue One evening during a recent trip to Indonesia, Dr. […]

Jan 15th, 2021

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