Language of Deception

MUST USE THESE 2 SOURCES: Lutz, William. Doublespeak. Reprint, Ig Publishing (Rebel Reads), 2016 Oesch, Nathan. “Deception as a Derived […]

Dec 31st, 2020


Language Development

Select a hypothesis that are listed below. Find 4-6 scholarly articles that either support or refute this hypothesis and determine/discuss […]

Dec 18th, 2020


Language Mind and the Brain

PICK ONE OF THOSE PROMPTS, Write a 2-3 page piece with properly cited (5) APA references. (1) An impossible language […]

Dec 14th, 2020


Bilingualism Advantage and Disadvantage

Bilingualism is a controversial topic, causing heated debate between English and non-English communities. While some praise the advantages of bilingualism, […]

Dec 11th, 2020


Minority Dialects

Second Response Paper: Minority Dialects (Draw from all we have learned this semester): Select a passage or passages from a […]

Dec 8th, 2020


History of the Italian Language

A three to four page research paper on an aspect of Italian culture is required for this course. Here’s a […]

Dec 3rd, 2020


Bilingual Student Essay Assignment

Being bilingual has been a huge benefit in my life. It allowed me to become a dependable source when it […]

Aug 22nd, 2020


A Critical Review of Infant Artificial Language Learning Essay

They also give evidence which comes from experiments showing that newborns discriminate a passage read aloud by their mothers during […]

Jan 24th, 2020


Did I miss anything? – Tom Wayman Essay

1. a) Every stanza in this poem starts with one-word sentence fragment rather than a complete sentence. A sentence fragment is more effective because […]

Jan 15th, 2020

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