Evolution of the World Wide Web

Full topic is: The World Wide Web has transformed from its beginnings in the early 1990s as an information space […]

Apr 22nd, 2021


Online Interactions

Option #1 Schrock and Boyd (2011) discuss issues of problematic online interactions such as cyberbullying, solicitation and harassment.  Most of […]

Mar 30th, 2021


Internet and the Electronic Environment

write an essay that focuses on the ways that the internet and the electronic environment can influence one’s self-concept. What […]

Mar 28th, 2021


Abstract for Private Browsing

Abstract for browsing the Internet in private mode within different browsers max 250 words. For more information on Abstract for […]

Mar 14th, 2021


Innis and the Internet

Innis and the Internet. Harold Innis died in 1952, long before the Internet existed. Yet many of his ideas about […]

Feb 3rd, 2021


AI and its Impact on Society

Intro: What is Artificial Intelligence? Ethical? Body paragraph 1 – Social impact Body paragraph 2 –economic of AI Body paragraph […]

Dec 30th, 2020


Operating Systems Table

There are so many operating systems available in the market that it’s difficult to decide which one is the best. […]

Dec 23rd, 2020


Kardashian Family

Kardashian Family. Consider the following questions:  Where does the topic fit in the field of popular culture? Does it address […]

Dec 1st, 2020



DESCRIPTION: This mini-blog now asks you to diversify the representation you see every day across media platforms. Many of us […]

Nov 30th, 2020


Introduction to the Bible

There are 66 books in the Bible. Find 8 pages of relational material to write. There needs to be some […]

Nov 27th, 2020

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