Brown as a Cold War Case

READ; Mary L. Dudziak, “Brown as a Cold War Case,” Journal of American History, Volume 91, Issue 1, June 2004, […]

Mar 16th, 2021


Globalization: A Closer Look

Target a multinational corporation/international company and the practice of “outsourcing” to third world countries. Some examples of MNCs (multinational corporations) […]

Mar 10th, 2021


Prostitution as as Social Problem

Introduction: What is the social problem? Why is it a problem? Why are you interested in this problem? Hoes does […]

Mar 6th, 2021


Netherlands vs. Mali

Compare and contrast Netherlands to Mali. For more information on Netherlands vs. Mali check out :

Feb 14th, 2021


Migration and Refugee studies

Essay question: “The world is experiencing the highest number of people fleeing since World War II. Explain the main reasons […]

Jan 20th, 2021


US Base Politics

US Base Politics Analysis Assignment Discuss and review relevant literature on Base politics relating to Basing nation, host nation and […]

Jan 19th, 2021


The Meaning of Globalization

Define the meaning of the term ‘globalization‘ Assess the impact of globalization on the way businesses operate Identify a minimum […]

Jan 17th, 2021


The Impact of Globalization on Congo Country

Identify a product introduced in any African country that was subjected to a first mover and late mover advantage. Using […]

Jan 14th, 2021


Westernization and Modernization

What is the difference between westernization, modernization and reform. For more information on Westernization and Modernization check out :

Dec 31st, 2020


Business Culture Analysis

“It is clear that international culture influences international marketing activities, but can international marketing activities also influence cultures?” For more […]

Dec 30th, 2020

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