Critical thinking

Response to International Disasters

Is the United Nations the organization best suited to coordinate the response to international disasters? Why or why not? If […]

Sep 23rd, 2021

Critical thinking

Critical Thinking

How do Stoics use the thought of death to improve morally? What is their theory behind why this works? Also, […]

Jul 4th, 2021

Critical thinking

Disaster Incident Response

What determines whether a disaster event need a singular incident command or Unified command and what is the logistics section […]

Mar 20th, 2021

Critical thinking

Doc Sound and Fury Reflective Essay

This is the link to sound and fury documentary. I put 4 pages because you’ll need to watch the video […]

Mar 4th, 2021

Critical thinking

Critical Thinking Journal Article

Read the following peer-reviewed journal article and provide a 500-word essay about critical thinking, what it means to you, what […]

Jan 29th, 2021

Critical thinking

Reliable Sources

We will practice finding a reliable source using the Library database. Please review this video, “How to Get to and […]

Jan 19th, 2021

Critical thinking

Failure of Economic Systems

Failure of Economic Systems Please use the article attached to use in essay about how the economic system has failed […]

Jan 15th, 2021

Critical thinking

Social Work Writing Assignment

You are an adoption social worker with the Department of Children Youth and Family. You are assigned to help finalize […]

Aug 14th, 2020

Critical thinking

Informal Logic Fallacies Assignment

Present three distinct informal logical fallacies (Red Herring; False Cause; Shifting The Burden of Proof) discovered in these types of […]

Jul 30th, 2020

Critical thinking

Confirmation Bias in Critical Thinking Assignment

What are some ways that you may stay insulated in perspectives that are similar to your own? How might you […]

Jul 10th, 2020

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