Criminal law

Technology in Criminal Justice

Technology in Criminal Justice assignment. You will create a pitch for the adoption of a new technology at your agency […]

Aug 9th, 2021

Criminal law

Corrections in America

One of the central issues in Corrections in America: A Portrait in Color is understanding the relationship between race and […]

Jun 25th, 2021

Criminal law

Introduction to Criminal Justice

You will prepare an outline for your paper that will include at least four resources. Your outline should plan out […]

Jun 11th, 2021

Criminal law

Reputational Risk Case Study

Reputational Risk Case Study research homework 2,000 word (+/- 10%) Report (50%) Research and study the case relating to the […]

Jun 9th, 2021

Criminal law

Discretion in Criminal Justice

What is discretion and how is it applied within the criminal justice system? For more infromation on Discretion in Criminal […]

May 28th, 2021

Criminal law

Increase in Crime Trends For more information on Increase in Crime Trends check out: Attachment: CJ 675 Module Two Short Paper Guidelines […]

May 24th, 2021

Criminal law

Mass Incarceration

For your final paper, you will be researching and developing your point of view on a singular topic that was […]

Apr 21st, 2021

Criminal law

Crime Prevention Strategy Design

In this assignment, you are to design a crime prevention strategy. Approximately 3 pages. Response includes: •    Brainstorming for […]

Apr 19th, 2021

Criminal law

Juvenile Crime and Gang Activity

What causes these minors to get into crime? what can we do to stop them from committing crimes? who would […]

Apr 17th, 2021

Criminal law

Criminal Justice Case Study

1. Explain the Supreme Court decision Miranda vs. Arizona and the four components of the Miranda warning. 2. Define status […]

Apr 17th, 2021

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