Phishing Training

Phishing Training Writing Assignment Create an outline for a training session to help your team avoid phishing. What would you […]

Jul 3rd, 2021


SaaS in Cloud Computing

Please answer the following in the paper: Is the software as a service in Cloud computing similar to Web Service? […]

Jun 22nd, 2021


Types of Cloud Deployment

In a minimum of 300 words, Discuss the four types of Cloud Deployment, and how they support different business needs. […]

Jun 19th, 2021


Cyber Intelligence

Using the references below and attached (please use at least 3), address the differences between Cyber Network Defense, Cyber Network […]

Jun 11th, 2021


Digital Revolution

Digital Revolution

Jun 8th, 2021


Current Trends in Telecommunications

Research and select a current trend in the area of telecommunications. Prepare a 10-15 page paper in Microsoft Word (counts […]

Jun 6th, 2021


Electronic Government Surveillance

Clearly walk attendees through the various stages of information collection as well as recommendations for the next steps pertaining to […]

Apr 27th, 2021


Computer and Digital Technology

Our study of technology and the  Benedictine Values  that we hold dear at the University of Mary, please discuss  what […]

Apr 18th, 2021


Adobe Animate

You need to be familiar with Adobe Animate to do this assignment. What you have to do is follow step […]

Apr 16th, 2021


Ethics in a Digital Age

In an essay analyze the ethical and legal issues raised by one of the cyberbullying cases described in the article, […]

Apr 13th, 2021

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