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Maintaining Automatic Train Washing Machines

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Introduction: 3

Organization Background: 3

Report Background: 3

Fundamentals of Asset Life Cycle: 4

Important of maintenance 4

Advantages of Outsourcing 4

Case study: 6

Outsourcing drawbacks: 7

Conclusion and recommendation 8

references 9

Appendix/ RFP 10


1.1 Solicitation 10

1.2 Inquiries during Solicitation Period 10

1.4 Proposal Submission Date and Time 10

1.5 Authorized Signatures and Legal Capacity 10

1.6 Proposal Preparation and Submission Costs 11

1.7 Vendor Performance 11

1.8 Rights of the Company 11


2.1 Background 12

2.2 Objective 12

2.3 Business / Technical Environment 12

2.4 Deliverables 12

2.5 Description and Scope of Related Services 12

2.6 Contractor Resource Requirements and Qualifications 12

2.7 Performance Standards and Quality Assurance 12

2.8 Reporting and Communications 13

2.9 Risks and Constraints 13

2.10 Company Support 13


3.1 Evaluation Procedures 14

3.2 Selection and Evaluation Criteria 14

3.3 Financial Evaluation 15

3.4 Basis of Selection 15


A research is going to be conducted during this report on outsourcing of services publically service supplier organizations as a core component of managing business development.

within the present time the organizations face the robust growth of concurrence. Those of them, who lead their business during a more practical means, manage to survive and reach success.

Outsourcing is one in every of the foremost trendy and thriving models of management that facilitate the organizations to succeed in benefits on top of opponents. The organizations delegate the professionally specialised service providing corporations a number of their functions, that were antecedent consummated by themselves.

Organization Background

Public Transport Authority (PTA) established in 1984, PTA has been mandated with delivering improved transport services. The organization has taken on the mission of providing “Safe and sleek Transport”.

Its mission is “Develop integrated and property transportation systems and supply distinguished services to any or all stakeholders to support the town comprehensive growth plans through making ready policies and legislations, adapting technologies and innovative approaches, and implementing first practices and Standards”.

Report Background

The background of the analysis is that the proven fact that these days outsourcing isn’t only one of the social control instruments. it’s become one in every of the foremost vital trends of the international business that influences the event of the economic science and changes within the distribution of employment within the developed countries. On the political economy level, the delegation of services and production has become to an exact trend. the assembly chains area unit growing due to outsourcing and therefore the the} production gets a lot of varied not solely organizationally however also geographically. Competition that arose on the international arena owing to outsourcing created corporations work on the increasing of their production capacities and on build up economical international cooperation networks so as to source expeditiously. Those international players that fail to source expeditiously lose the competitive ability against a lot of thriving and higher communicative international businesses. within the focus of outsourcing get those kinds of activities that area unit either aloof from main company’s profile or don’t have any specific technology, in order that they might be safely delegated to third parties.

Fundamental of asset Life Cycle

Every asset features a serious of life cycle phases from the time it’s formed, through the design phases, throughout construction and life phases till the asset is decommissioned and declared as surplus, aforesaid Rahman, S.; Vanier, D.J, 2004.

Importance of plus Maintenance

Conducting the periodic maintenance regimes on the instrumentality reduces if not prevents the failure of the instrumentality to perform the designed task poignant the associated loss in time and price of restoring it back to operative condition, same Gransberg, 2015. the acceptable maintenance schedule guaranteeing the economical and effective tasks to be performed features a vital influence on the entire life cycle value of the organizations same Rawat and Lad, 2015. Construction instrumentality maintenance area unit characteristic to be high value when put next to alternative instrumentality aspects as thirty seventh of life cycle value is expounded to maintenance and repair activities, twenty fifth to depreciation, twenty third to budget items and 15 August 1945 goes to overhead, mentioned Clutts, 2010.

The value of maintenance value is salaried with the rise in instrumentality accessibility, “Over ninetieth for brand spanking new instrumentality and quite eightieth for older equipment” same Clutts, 2010. Therefore, the instrumentality ability to perform its perform at any purpose in time are going to be maintained, increasing the productivity. Clutts, 2010 terminated that “Continuous maintenance can cut back the failure incidence by eightieth and reduce the repair value by 50%”.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing could be a common observe of getting out business functions and processes to third-party suppliers. the advantages of outsourcing are often substantial – from value savings and potency gains to larger competitive advantage.

On the opposite hand, loss of management over the outsourced perform is commonly a possible business risk. you must think about fastidiously the professionals and cons of outsourcing before deciding to contract out any activities or business operations.

There are a unit several reasons why a business could prefer to source a task, job or a method. as an example, a number of the recognized advantages of outsourcing include:

• Improved target core business activities – outsourcing will liberate your business to target its strengths, permitting your employees to consider their main tasks and on the longer term strategy.

• Increased potency – selecting Associate in Nursing outsourcing company that makes a speciality of the method or service you would like them to hold out for you’ll be able to assist you attain a lot of productive, economical service, usually of larger quality

• Controlled prices – cost-savings achieved by outsourcing will assist you unleash capital for investment in alternative areas of your business

• Increased reach – outsourcing will provide you with access to capabilities and facilities otherwise not accessible or cheap

• Greater competitive advantage – outsourcing will assist you leverage data and skills together with your complete offer chain

Outsourcing may facilitate to form your business a lot of versatile and agile, ready to adapt to dynamic market conditions and challenges, whereas providing value savings and repair level enhancements.

Case Study

To make things easier Facility management covers all non-core activities of a company. These possibly can embrace work, room services, security and building setup, or interior and gardening services. all these activities are crucial necessities of any business establishment. As the business develops and competition gets more durable it’s difficult for a company to watch of these activities. maintaining with heterogeneous departments of every of those activities that don’t directly have an effect on the business becomes frantic and expensive. particularly during a crisis market, even the wealthiest of the companies are considering of reducing prices to stay up with the market. Outsourcing facility management services not solely release the spare headaches however helps scale back expenses. Focusing and acting well in primary activities is that the new success secret. (M. K. Kurdia, 2011).

Case Study Background

Depro Technology (Depro) is one amongst semi federal agency operational below one amongst the ministries in Malaysia. It offers professional services to alternative department, non-public entity and public subject. Depro uses fund that was received from the government to support its operation and development and is needed to submit quarterly income statement to the ministry to clarify however the fund is spent. There are solely four staffs within the Finance Department of Depro consisting of the pinnacle of Finance Department, associate controller and two Account executives. The department is liable for making ready allow services offered, money coming up with for specific project, internal audit and tax. Since its institution, Depro has been exploitation accounting outsourcing services provided by brilliant Power-Up Associates (BPA). At that point, Depro wished to specialize in its core business. BPA has handled the accounting perform of Depro since its origin in 1997. Depro sends all its accounting work to BPA as well as information entry, daily account dealings, making ready annual report and payroll. BPA is associate outsourcing company providing business method and accounting services. BPA was chosen as a result of the connection between the BPA senior manager with the highest management at Depro. The accounting outsourcing contract was for one year and was extended another one year. BPA allocates a team of three to four individuals to handle accounting work for Depro. (Noradiva Hamzah*, 2010).

The proof reveals that Depro has no firm basis for evaluating the outsourcing call. the selection of the accounting activity to source is formed as a result of Depro is new and has no adequate workers to conduct the accounting activities. As noted by its controller “…. we are new and don’t have individuals to hold out the accounting jobs”. Therefore, it may well be same that Depro create outsourcing call totally on the idea of reducing its headcount and prices. the motive force for its outsourcing is improvement driver, that the corporate would love to eliminate the fixed charge of internal workers by moving the accounting perform to a vender. the selection to source is formed by ascertaining what is going to save most on overhead prices, instead of on what makes the foremost long-run business sense. the choice to source an operate ought to begin with a sound business arrange. This arrange should adequately determine all prices related to this methodology of conducting business and every one prices that are anticipated once is deployed. once deciding current value Depro should perceive of all aspects of prices and the way prices are accounted. Since Depro has direct relation with the government agency, it additionally ought to take into account the potential political consequences. The outsourcing call frameworks planned assume that generally all non-core activities are going to be source. However, it should be recognized that sure factors like industrial relations, could impact on the liberty an organization needs to source activities. within the case of Depro, it uses fund that was received from the government to support its operation. Therefore, this can involve problems with confidentiality and public cash. (Noradiva Hamzah*, 2010)

Outsourcing Drawbacks

Eventually, outsourcing could be a great way to fulfill business goals, but it’s some drawbacks. because of the shortage of management over the third-party company with inconsistent objectives, totally different time zones, geographic locations, and therefore the absence of face-to-face communication, there’ll be difficulties in operations and management. Secondly, exposing internal info to the third-party company is swing the initial company in larger risks (such because the adoption of concepts while not the honest copyrights). merchandise and services’ quality can’t be as warranted and monitored if not offered by the initial company. further because the third party obtaining additional credit and market quality than the initial company which ends up in harm of name. in addition, the corporate would currently have to be compelled to swear entirely on the supply of products within the agreed-on amount and quality from the third company on time, any merchandise or services otherwise provided would place the initial company’s name in risk (, 2006).

Conclusions & Recommendations

Outsourcing became one among the foremost wide used modern business practices. However, it has both benefits and drawbacks. whereas character of labor during which company operates and aims that it sets changes, outsourcing may amendment and produce advantages or risks to consumer company. From our analyses, it’s obvious that outsourcing practices aren’t similar for all corporations, as this specific activity was considered in monetary trade. many results may be taken from this work. If an organization is little and has restricted resources, then it must source. However, outsourcing practices cannot continuously guarantee such common advantage as price reduction because it was determined in HSBC Bank Kazakhstan. On the opposite hand, Halyk Bank claims that it absolutely reached price savings and largely achieved specialize in core activities advantage of outsourcing. in addition, Halyk Bank keeps outsourcing with high level of management over its performance and doesn’t absolutely allocate risks and responsibilities. This issue was notably thought of by resource-based theory, that states that internal resources of company plays key role in making flourishing competitive advantage. And, disadvantage involving hidden prices may notice its theoretical background in dealing prices theory. In fact, whereas company makes its main activity by outsourcing, there will be several hidden prices that may negatively influence company’s performance. Moreover, BTA Bank underlined accomplishment of target core activities and reached to the current advantage thanks to the inner and full variety of outsourcing. Here, we will see the consistence of outsourcing apply with core ability theory. in addition, recommendation for businesses are often done on the bases of banks that were analyzed during this work. let’s say, banks with long and trustworthy relationships like BTA Bank and Halyk Bank area unit advantageous compared with HSBC Bank Kazakhstan. On the opposite hand, sizes of those banks area unit extraordinary too. Also, it ought to be mentioned that for outsourcing with short characteristic like in HSBC Bank Kazakhstan, advantage like flexibility is simpler to be achieved. Anyway, outsourcing as in the other business practices ought to be applied rigorously so as to realize its blessings and avoid disadvantages. (Tayauova, 2012)

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