Case 6 Essay

Case 6- The Challenger- Team Gone Wrong

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Case 6 Essay
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Dr. Vern Belos

December 5th, 2018


The Challenger case was a consequence of the executive’s disappointment. The choices made amid the undertaking were unreasonable and demonstrates the powerlessness of the administration to foresee the components that brought about the disappointment of room carry at dispatch day. The issue of O-rings was steady blunder in each flight test amid the entire undertaking time range. In any case, it was not considered as a critical factor for the disappointment and selected as a worthy hazard.

The temperature at the season of dispatch was additionally suspected as a factor for the disappointment. The specialists additionally neglected to test temperature factor before the dispatch to report the noteworthy effect on the space carry.


Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon whereby pressure within a group to agree results in failures to think critically about an issue, situation or decision.

(Groupthink. (n.d.).)

The Thiokol engineers rejected to help the choice of dispatch on the eve of dispatch because of low temperature. The testing flights in January 1985 demonstrated that at low temperatures the O-rings seal the joints gradually. Indeed, even one of the essential O-ring neglected to seal and the victory came to optional O-ring. Be that as it may, in the impact of Groupthink, the architects and the board changed their underlying choice into help of alternate individuals from Marshall SFC, and Kennedy Space Center; coming about a common choice of dispatch. They again trusted that the disintegration of some O-rings is adequate hazard and the temperature factor ought to be considered in an unexpected way. To accomplish a coveted outcome for which they were dealing with; they chose to dispatch the space carry.

Marshall SFC and Kennedy Space Center administrations were additionally influenced by the idea of mindless obedience. In staying away from the deferral of dispatch they weight the Thiokol specialists to help the choice of dispatch as planned. The blurred the danger of obscure consequences of temperature factor and chose to dispatch the space carry which brought about a blast murdering all the 7 space explorers with the van.

The Thiokol the board after pressurized by Lawrence Mulloy, Manager SRB venture at Marshall to not to defer the dispatch and George Hardy, Deputy Director at Marshall said that there is no information that bolsters the connection of O-rings disintegration and cool temperature; they upheld the dispatch after a few clashes in them.


Group shift indicates that in discussing a given set alternatives and arriving at a solution, group members tend to exaggerate the initial positions that they hold. In some situations, caution dominates, and there is a conservative shift. (Jubilee Life Insurance Company Ltd. (2014, June 10).)

The Thiokol engineers were at that point going out on a limb of dispatch the space carry even at the nearness of disintegration danger of O-rings. At that point, they settled on the choice of taking the factor of temperature in an unexpected way. The prior testing’s demonstrated that there is a connection between the disappointment of O-rings and temperature yet at the same time as a result of no appropriate proof of this they chose to come. This choice demonstrated that in discourses they neglected to maintain a strategic distance from the disappointment results and moved more towards the hazard that was at that point been recorded as life taking in introductory reports as O-rings were set apart as 1R.

Marshall SFC and Kennedy Space Center administration were additionally drawn into the gathering shift. As they were at that point in favor of propelling the space carry, they didn’t worry about the new issues that emerged just before the dispatch. They didn’t request the confirmations from the designers of Thiokol that the O-rings will withstand the temperature factor; rather they went in the stream of propelling the space carry that they officially needed to do.

Mason, Kilminster, Wiggins and Lund took a ultimate choice in their grasp by effectively fending off the specialists from the exchange. Lund shielded the choice of deferring the dispatch however the other three individuals were resolved to dispatch against the limitations of dangers. After some talk the administration endorsed the dispatch choice.


Bounded rationality is the idea that we make decisions that are rational, but within the limits of the information available to us and our mental capabilities. (What is ‘bounded rationality’? (n.d.).)

Without inappropriate confirmations of the effect of cool temperature on the working capacity of O-rings, the Thiokol still chose to dispatch the space carry. There were results from past tests that the O-rings may neglect to make an appropriate joint even at higher temperatures than the present one upon the arrival of dispatch. Yet, there were no legitimate test outcomes that may demonstrate that the temperature assumes a critical job for the joint making procedure of O-rings. In this way, here the idea of reinforced reasonability influenced the choice of the executives and Thiokol the executives displayed a green flag to dispatch which came about into a staggering impact.

Marshall SFC and Kennedy Space Center administration, who were uninformed of these elements of hazard on dispatch, additionally got fortified in the reasonability of the circumstance. They simply needed to dispatch the van at planned time; so they didn’t request any verifications from the Thiokol engineers; rather compelled them to help the dispatch.


The board

The poor administration in this undertaking was the main motivation of disappointment. The choices made by the administration brought about the blast and taking existences of all installed. The desire to achieve the normal outcome coordinated the administration towards wrong decisions.


Authority was additionally powerless as the choices were taken under the nearness of pioneer and may had been kept away from if the pioneer would have assumed the liability to consider every one of the dangers present in dispatch.

Ill-advised Analysis

The examination of the outcomes from the different testings of the flights were not done appropriately. The Thiokol engineers knew about the disintegration of the O-rings while dispatch yet they kept away from it and thought about it as an adequate hazard. The test outcomes demonstrate this was a 1R rating that implies an actual existence taking danger. Still Thiokol the executives expelled this from the later reports about the conceivable dangers.

Poor Strategy

The methodology was additionally broken as the procedure to manage mistakes was not obviously settled. The Same blunder of disintegration in O-rings was suspected in each flight however no one thought about it as a perilous factor. There were no impressive upgrades in the O-rings that would make the joint in various parts of the space carry.

Correspondence issues

The individuals engaged with the venture were not conveying effectively. The advancement after each experimental drill was not shared appropriately with every one of the administrations. The extensive mistake of disintegration in O-rings was considered as satisfactory hazard by the Thiokol engineers. The hazard was evaluated as R, 1R or 2R that may result in a real existence taking episode. Alternate administrations were accounted for about this in starting reports however later no one considered it to be a hazard that may cause a calamity.

Absence of Participation from all administrations

There were 3 noteworthy accomplices in this undertaking Thiokol, Marshall SFC and Kennedy Space Center. The administrations were not taking an interest well in the undertaking as they should. The choices were for the most part made in the individual zones and not counseled with every administration.

Balanced Decisions

The administration needed to dispatch the space carry even there were a few defects in the designing regions. The mistakes were known yet their effects on the dispatch were obscure. There was ill-advised investigation result to give enough data to a sheltered dispatch yet at the same time the administration chose to dispatch thinking about the dangers as satisfactory dangers.


Model discussed in class is about the disaster of NASA conflict. Formal investigations into the in-flight explosions of the United States space shuttles Challenger and Columbia revealed problems that go beyond the technical and mechanical. These disasters occurred, this paper explains, because of operational problems within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), problems caused by NASA’s practice of groupthink, its dependence on externally imposed budgets and schedules, and its breakdown in project quality management. This paper opens by examining NASA’s 47-year history, its entrenched groupthink culture (seemingly invulnerable, historically complacent), and its unwillingness to appropriately manage the triple constraints–schedule, cost, and quality. Following this, it identifies the forces controlling NASA’s management and explains how these forces influence the way NASA manages its operations. (Dimitroff, R. D., Schmidt, L. A., & Bond, T. D. (2005).)


The Challenger disaster represents the potential for coupled innovation and arrangement choices. It was an imperfect innovation decision driven by monetary substances that coupled with a totally implausible arrangement of strategy proclamations set the phase for the debacle. It too demonstrated the significance of clear correspondences and numerous approaches to take a gander at basic issues. At last, it showed the idea of morals notwithstanding awful choices.


Dimitroff, R. D., Schmidt, L. A., & Bond, T. D. (2005). Organizational behavior and disaster: a study of conflict at NASA. Project Management Journal, 36(2), 28–38. (n.d.)

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