BUS 510 Assignment 3 Essay

Keys to Success in Multinational Companies

ReNita Inmon

Global Business Management

Dr. Laura Jones

Strayer University

March 11, 2019

Finally, World Wide Electronics (WWE) is off the ground and doing very well, domestic sales have exceeded expectations over the past four years. Now it’s time to expand beyond American soil. Discussion to go global has been looming for years and now it appears the company is postured to move forward with expansion. The organization’s first overseas location is Australia. Before that occurs, there must be a standardized method of operating business, also known as best practices.

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This will be important to solidify as the company shifts to a global mindset. Business Network states, best practices are the best way to fulfill business objectives (2018). This sets the tone for consistency, excellence and room to grow as needed to benefit the company and consumers. Many companies exemplify best practices in a variety of ways while other organizations establish a certain niche such as Federal Express, who is known for on-time delivery services or L.

L. Bean receiving notoriety for stellar interaction with its customers as noted by Roth (2018). Whether its high standards in many facets of the business or a specific area, the brand is distinguished by the commitment of these practices. The knowledge and standards set forth will prepare the organization for endeavors ahead which will in-part be determined by the benchmarks put in place within the company prior to being physically on foreign territory. We’ll examine best practices, what are the key benefits, followed by long-term sustainability and finally competitive advantages over international competitors.

Best Practices

The company will establish a comprehensive best practice plan which includes the following area: sanitation, eating and drink in the workplace, conflict resolution, in-house teams, online teams, security and emergency evacuation procedures. Best practices serve as a mirror of company standards and structure. The list below is a “sample size” of the practices unto which behavior and company culture are built upon. This does not reflect all company best practices, but the rudiments of a working document and workers are welcomed to contribute to it’s success.


The policies described below reflect minimum standards in the workplace, however for further details and guidance see the Southern Australia governing policies.

The following are expected to be maintained daily:

Wash hands upon exiting the bathroom, floors in workspaces free of debris, empty trash, turn off lights in spaces at the end of the workday, all floors and bathrooms will be monitored and cleaned by local cleaning service. All appliances, place items in their appropriate places, clean all soiled dishes and put away.

The following are to be maintained weekly:

Through cleaning of work space, clean monitor recycle papers, remove clutter from desk, place paper in a safe place to prepare for cleaning staff. Check grounds for debris and place in garbage disposal or recycle as appropriate.

Eating and Drinking

Administrative Offices: Employees will be allowed to eat at their desk, however if rodents or other pest are exposed then consumption of food be re-routed to the cafeteria.

Assembly line personnel: There will be no eating or drinking in spaces where equipment is in operation.

Conflict Resolution

This component is important to establish boundaries when conflict occurs in the work place.

Conducted on the lowest level possible- Some issues are easily resolved between individuals or minimal support from supervisor. This process is to start with employees that are at odds then move toward management, if there is no resolution between parties

Long-standing issues will be mediated by a supervisor- This allows employees to recognize support for issues are available with mediation.

Create space between co-workers, if needed- Provide opportunities of separation which allows each individual to gain composure.

The standards outlined below by Berkeley University are the guidelines that will be used to conduct conflict in the work center (2018).

Recognize a problem exists.

Allow parties to discuss concerns.

Decide what is needed.

Find areas of agreement.

Find solutions to satisfy needs.

Follow-up and monitor and monitor

What will be done if there is no resolution.

In-house Teams

Department heads meet weekly to discuss issues- Will meet every Monday to discuss weekly plans for work centers.

Department heads meet with individual work centers weekly- Discuss weekly plans as outlined by department heads.

By-weekly all-hands meeting- This brings all work centers together for the purposes of awards presentations, recognition, and company updates.

Non-scheduled Meetings- Will be conducted as deemed necessary due to unforeseen events or emergencies.

Online Teams

Departments: Customer service, technical support, billing and accounts receivable.

Levels of service or determined by the following levels:

Tier 1- entry level, Tier 2- Shift lead or senior person Tier 3- Senior management.

24hour service, shifts will be eight hours in duration based on time zone and location.

Employee will possess CAC card- This serves as personal identification while on line and in work spaces. Must always be kept on person.

Employees will have fastest internet quality available- This ensures the best possible service with consumers.

Computers will have the most modern operating system with capabilities for virtual communication via webcam.

Advanced support provided if not resolved by tier one personnel.


Key cards- utilized to track movement in various working spaces. Key card will work only for days scheduled to work. Tier three will have 24 hour access.

24hour surveillance – Local authorities will provide this service and be under local jurisdiction to protect grounds and individuals.

Security Guard- Will be posted in eight-hour shifts- Guards will be posted on or around the front entry and machinery.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Perform fire, earth quake lockdown and active shooter drill semi-annually. See links for procedures.

Properly securing building and Intellectual property. See link for procedures.

Customer Service

Diversity training

Listen to customer- Keep your mind attentive to call. Ask questions, if needed to ensure a quality call is being conducted.

Greet each customer and vendor with respect- Interactions via phone call or virtual chat should begin with; Hello my name is_____________. How may I assist you today?

Be patient and courteous with each interaction- Pace each phone call and don’t take calls personal.

Knowledgeable of product or service- Use the products and service manual to become familiar with company product line and services.

Ask for direct feedback from customers- Find out direct from customer how things were handled.

Don’t argue with customers- be understanding even if the customer is irate at the moment.

NEVER use curse words during any conversations with customers- Inappropriate language toward any customer is grounds for reprimand and or dismissal.

Resource Library

The resource library is accessible to each employee and may be viewed electronically or hard copy. We are establishing educational and fun resources which will provide additional insight on each of the best practices. This information allows workers to see where standards and practices have originated. The best practices and resource library are working documents to improve company standards, regulations and policies. (See Appendix)

Key Benefits

The key benefits of the company’s best practices are to serve as a guideline for excellence. Although, this may require time in certain areas to attain and maintain. Daily habits of the organization will allow for continuous growth and development. Three benefits that will be highlighted and distinguishes (WWE) from competitors, thereby setting the standards are; supporting an environment for learning, inspiring creative and fresh ideas. Lastly, allows for better decision making, as described by Memari (2018). First, supports and environment for learning- an environment committed to learning expands possibilities in the business. This key holds no partiality, everyone can be a receptor for growth. The learning opportunity can begin in technology and span to customer service ideas, it will make us better. Next, inspiring creative and fresh ideas will be strongly encouraged. Everyone’s voice is important to us. The company will ask for feedback during company meetings, conduct anonymous surveys and one-on-one conversations that should evoke ideas from a variety of viewpoints. As recorded by Gilson, when employees participate in creative processes it suggests that they feel encouraged to take risks, share ideas and try new things (2003). This is behavior leadership desires within the organization. Finally, allowing for better decision making- this aspect is hinged on the previous two. The ability to effectively make choices that provide a better outcome will speak volumes to the flexible yet durable position of the company. As everyone learns and grows, this often removes fears resulting in better problem-solving.

This healthy approach to the benefits of our best practices can pass the litmus test in any situation that may occur. As Blanchard notes, these practices must prove superior regardless of the environment and assists in accomplishing the mission of the organization (2018). These practices challenge the team to strive toward professional and personal growth. Trademarks of a company postured for long-term success.

Long-term Sustainability

As WWE develops strategies for success in the domestic and global market, the best practices previously outlined may change over time due to competitors, social climate, evolving company values, etc. As Kenton notes, best practices serve as general framework for a variety of scenarios (2018). With this framework established and implemented the long-term sustainability can be predictable based on quality control, consistency and checks & balances. Quality Control- this will be monitored by customer feedback, industry standards, and in-house compliance policies. This information from our customers and within the organization allows the company to determine if we are executing the appropriate disciplines to fulfill product demands. Consistency- Creating consistency through daily goals, task accomplishments, monthly meetings and communication. Promoting consistency as stated by McEntire is a building block which lays the foundation and creates expectations, employees, franchisees, vendors and customers (2018). Executing consistency will prove to be a valuable staple of the company as we move towards excellence. This feature by far may serve to be the catalyst for change, innovation and stability. Checks and balances- critical to the integrity of the brand. As Chen and Beers indicates, checks and balances are methods which are installed to minimize mistakes, ward-off unprofessional conduct and ensure no one entity has absolute control. It also clarifyies responsibilities and enforcing teamwork to complete duties which have been assigned (2019). These components serve as a well-grounded approach in pursuit of sustainability which can only be achieved through an all-hands buy-in approach. This starts with leaders modeling best practices within the organization.   Competitive Advantage

The greatness of a company is often determined by its willingness to change. Change may be prompted by internal or external forces. Once changes are identified the actions that follow may be the turning point from good to great. In the case of Samsung, as Harvard Business Review writes, the company reformed their best practices to accomplish two primary goals: First, give more credence to consumer demands. This is noted by supplychain247, who expounded on the company’s position of change by dispatching employees known as “Country Specialists” who visited local universities to study consumer behaviors, while simultaneously collecting data from customers to improve product design via Quality Function Deployments (2018). Their pledge to customer satisfaction is also found in the Five Samsung Basic Principles, “We make customer satisfaction our top priority”, as noted by Samsung (2019). Second, the company skillfully infused best practices from abroad. With support of employee’s changes were gracefully adopted, if resistance to change became overwhelming they delayed or reshaped the practice, as noted by Harvard Business Review (2011). The company’s hands-on approach infused changes starting in the early 1990’s when it was decided to replace analog with digital imagery. Other notable changes were introducing Six Sigma to the organizational culture as well as brining outsiders into the company and sending employees out to gain more insight. The business model of Samsung would see significant improvement, growth, and financial prosperity than it had experienced in previous years. This turning point created a standard of change the organization desired, ultimately resulting in being rank number two amongst the top electronics companies and consistently remains in the top five of best mobile devices amongst competitors.

It was by design to applaud the sustained superior performance of the Samsung Corporation since entering the electronics industry in 1969. The footprint of notoriety and success the company has established. Fortunately, it has left an indelible positive impression on World Wide Electronics. Therefore, we have intentionally adopted our belief system and best practices from this leader, trendsetter and competitor. Our pillars of success are based on the long-term sustainability plan which supports our best practices as previously indicated; environment for learning, inspiring creative and fresh ideas, which allows for better decision making. Allowing these ideas to be our benchmark keeps honest assessments at the forefront when addressing organizational strengths and weaknesses. We believe our best practices will continue to set us apart as a leader in the electronics industry and our customer service will infuse modern technology with old fashion one-on-one personalized consumer care. Best practices will vary as societal culture and the industry dictates, but our enviable task of best practices throughout the corporation is to ensure our foundation of superior product performance and consumer trust will never waiver. This is our way.


In our modern era, business has seen a dramatic shift from domestic interest in sales and service toward global growth and expansion. Transactions of all types are becoming more easily conducted around the world thanks to technology which has impacted large and small businesses. Now, more than ever before companies are faced with domestic and global growth of an organization almost simultaneously. This is exciting in and of itself, however it can be equally exhausting when planning for growth in countries, nations, provinces or towns that have only been seen through media or magazines. The old model of “domestic only” businesses or now being meshed with international competitors who can provide the same service cheaper and equally efficient. Entrepreneurs of today are measuring standards of success beyond it’s on territory. The culture of international growth is upon us and it’s here to stay. The sails must be adjusted, modifications made to affectively ride this wave to the shore of international expansion, change and profitability.

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WWE Resource Library

Customer Service

Why are customer service skills important?

Customer Expectations of Service file:///C:/Users/renit/AppData/Local/Temp/Understanding_Customer_Expectations_of_Service.pdf

Customer Service Bloopers and Fun Stories


Security Awareness Tips

Workplace Security

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Osha Standards

Medical Evacuation Procedures

Active Shooter

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