Building a professional identity reflective discussion


Look at this link and the building a professional identity reflective discussion the professor comment were  I am not sure what exactly you are suggesting.  Can you please be a little clearer?

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Building a professional identity reflective discussion
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Jessica post

Using the career planning checklist, I was able to determine areas that I have already improved upon that will impact my future career in addition to areas that I had not yet considered. Also, the career planning checklist gave me ideas for what I should begin implementing now to positively impact my future career. Things I have completed since beginning this program include exploring the career centers and its resources. Exploring the career center then encouraged me to begin to identify potential future jobs that my degree would qualify me for.

Some areas I had not yet considered before working through the career planning checklist include joining professional organizations that are geared towards my future career. I am currently a member of counseling organizations but I had yet to think about what organizations I would like to be a member of as a psychology educator. I also found it interesting how the career planning checklist suggested to evaluate job postings for careers that fit my desired job for gaps that I currently have. I think it would be very beneficial for me to now begin evaluating myself and current skill set for any skill gaps that would need to be filled in order to obtain the job/career that I would want after obtaining my doctoral degree.

Steps that I believe I can take right now to continue building myself as a professional include researching networking opportunities, obtaining skills and relevant experience that will assist me in obtaining a job within psychology academia, and updating my LinkedIn profile to accurately reflect where I am now within my career and educational journeys. I also want to look in to a volunteer opportunity to begin developing my professional teaching experience.

Richild post

I believe in the chapter I have learned a lot about bloom’s theory on critical thinking. I can use these resources that I have learned in my witting.  Someone exhibiting cognitive skills of this level will categorize or classify information, comparing and contrasting it in order to make a decision. Other characteristics of higher order thinking include: combining, creating, designing, developing, evaluating, justifying, and measuring. A student like myself in an upper-division course should be able to demonstrate all of these cognitive skills when thinking and reasoning through problems.I plan to continue learning as I go through these course and take these resources and apply them. I have started to build my connections with people in the FBI. I have taken the steps to start the process in trying to get into the FBI. The only thing that I am waiting on is passing the phase one test. Once I get passed that I can move on to phase two than the interview. I plan in the next few weeks to start studying for the phase one test and pass the exam. Having a PHD in general psychology with a two masters one in applied behavior and one in forensic can really help my chances of becoming a great candidate for the FBI.

Jimmie post

Upon reviewing the Career Planning Checklist, to position myself as a marketable candidate after graduation into the Industrial-Organizational Psychology community, I have started to follow industry articles. Additionally, I renewed my membership to the Society of Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I plan mid-way through the program to revise my resume and post internally within the SIOP career finder page. I believe the relationships and connections made in the community can help me during my Ph.D. program as well as after that.  Another opportunity as I journey mid-way through the program is to develop industry professionals to gain a mentor. I would locate these individuals by networking and finding meet up events specific to some of the local chapters here in Georgia. At this point, mid-way would also serve as an excellent time to find out how to become licensed as a Psychologist and understand the state-specific requirements. As such, mid-way, I would like to explore IO Practitioners who teach courses at the academic level to see if I would have the opportunity on the side to become an adjunct professor.  Lastly, the latter part of the program will entail me to gain additional feedback in exploring Learning and Development, Talent Management specific to the private sector. I would also like to find out how to build clients to consult on the side with various short-term contracts potentially. Throughout the journey, I will network and collaborate with other IO Professionals/Practitioners to ensure once I graduate, I can have a circle of individuals to help answer questions or guide me in unknown areas. The Career Planning Checklist can be a useful guide to help me keep on track and stay focus as I complete the necessary course work towards achieving the Capstone and dissertation.

Delly post

In following this customized career plan, I will be able to stay on track with my specific career goals.  This plan will allow me to assess my status at each point in my academic program. In my career I need licensure and I have all the requirements to take the licenses and what I need is to prepare myself to take the exam.  In following my career plan, I will gain valuable skills through volunteer work. I will be able to track my contacts and activities and professional job interests.  This will be beneficial in my job search.  In following this career plan, I will have critiqued my resume and better assess my job search. I continue working to improve my portfolio adding experiences and I plan to expand my volunteer experiences offering hours in school or hospital. Finally, in following this customized career plan I will be able to land my dream job and career.

Sharice post

Face-to-face communication provides the conveyor of information with many tools to ensure the message has been received by the audience. Conversely, it provides the communicator with insight regarding the audience’s interpretation of the information received. Therefore, when speaking face-to-face in public, the communicator can use posture, tone of voice, inflections, raised eyebrows, down turned lips, hunched shoulders, pointing fingers, head movement, and a magnitude of other non-verbal clues to convey the message. The same can said for the audience as they are capable of conveying the same information to the communicator when all participants are face-to-face.

Some non-verbal elements can be conveyed and comprehended in public speaking via teleconferencing and webinars; however, there is certainly a slight loss of methods when all are not face-to-face. For instance, if a speaker is conducting a webinar, the speaker might rely heavily on tone, inflections and the pace of the webinar to convey feelings to the audience.

When accessing my own personal face-to-face methods, my pace could definitely be improved because it is not always consistent because I have a tendency to start to listen to myself and get lost in my words. I am usually good at recovering where it should not impact the receiver’s ability to understand the message in full. However, I still I am not comfortable with how it makes me feel as a speaker and in theory, I would like to eliminate this occurrence when I am speaking publicly.

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