Writing a Thematic Essay: Ultimate Guide

Writing a Thematic Essay: Ultimate Guide

Among various college assignments, a thematic essay cuts across all subject areas. The specifications involved sometimes make it difficult for college students to hit the requirements.

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Writing a Thematic Essay: Ultimate Guide
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 What is a thematic essay?

A thematic essay is a type of writing where you develop the main theme through stylistic devices such as personification, imagery, and metaphor. The writer forwards the topic and its importance to the literary devices they apply. This makes it easy for readers to understand your message. The writer describes presented claims or theme extensively citing concrete evidences that are well explained using the literary devices.

 All major and minor pieces of evidence are given in detail and with logical facts and examples. You aim to prove your argument beyond any reasonable doubt. The author consults credible sources to reach a logical conclusion.

Another core requirement is searching for a topic and a thematic thesis statement for your essay. A topic is the main subject that you will concentrate on. It is a general statement that poses discussion such as courage, love, and hate. It forms the basis of your argument from which you present your evidence.

What is a theme?

Going by a theme literary definition, a theme is a single sentence that explains a literary work. Unlike the subject, a theme is a specific expansion of the subject in discussion. It is the main message or the core idea of literary work as explored by the author. It is forwarded in one sentence.

 A theme explores the general meaning of your story and its relevance to the readers’ world. Get your theme from the plot and the characters’ lives as described in the literary work.

Some college thematic essay assignments are based on literary works such as a novel, play, poem, song, or any other literary work that you have read. Your writing should be based on a certain theme from the text.

What is a Theme Essay?

A theme essay is written based on a theme from a particular literature work such as a novel, play, poem, sociological essay among other literature materials. When given such a task, you first identify the themes in your work. Follow the following steps to write your theme essay:

  1. Pick the characters that revolve around the theme you have chosen
  2. Describe the events that develop the theme citing main events in your literary work
  3. Highlight your theme through your writing – provide details that expound on your theme pointing out incidences in the story that describe the theme.
  4. Give brief background information from your literary work – show why you think your theme is evident in the work you are referring to.
  5. Stick to your theme- do not describe the plot. Give the message or observation based on your theme.
  6. Give a conclusion to show the results of your theme – how does it affect the characters in the book? Describe how your theme affects the storyline.

Theme introduction

Start with a hook sentence to capture your readers’ attention. Having read your entire work, pick the most appropriate theme. Choose the most prevalent theme in the plot. Create a strong thesis statement to explain your theme essay. Introduce your key points that you will explain in the body.

To get a key theme, carry out a theme analysis on the literary work involved. In a theme analysis essay, the writer explores the theme in a literary work, its influence on the plot, and how it influences the readers’ opinion on the story. Choose an intriguing theme topic that will invite readers to explore more of your essay

How to select a thematic topic

Thematic essays are derived from human social conflicts. The essay topics are therefore complex and interpreted differently depending on how each reader perceives the issue. It is important to know your target audience so that you choose a topic that will interest every reader. Consider your key argument when searching for the topic. A good topic will help you create a strong thesis statement for your essay. The following tips will help you create the main theme:

  • Gather all your experiences and events – try to recall casual chats with friends
  • Write down all ideas that cross your thoughts
  • List your favorite literary works – provide a particular subject that has been discussed giving any challenges the author might have faced
  • Provide analysis of other books

The following are examples of thematic statements:

  • What is George Orwell’s deliberation in portraying a “Perfect Utopia” in his book 1984
  • What is Harper Lee saying about innocence in her novel, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird?’
  • What is john Steinbeck’s opinion on loneliness and isolation in ‘Of Mice and Men’?

How to make a correct interpretation of your main theme topic

Make a summary of the story or book you have read

Note the main idea as expressed by the author. What is the main message?

Pick the most applied subject

Get the theme that prevails across the plot. Examples of themes include love, deception, passion among others

Analyze the topic

Identify the author’s main idea. What is their opinion? Assess the idea against the use of examples across the text. Pick the one whose examples are frequently mentioned.

Get the main lesson

Discover the objectives of the author to his/her audience. What lesson does the author intend the readers to learn?

Thematic essays Topics

Thematic topics spread across all fields in education. A college thematic assignment can have topics related to the courses pursued. For good grades, study the relevant topics for a successful thematic essay. Some thematic essay topics tested include the following:

Science and Technology

  • Discuss the importance of the printing press and its impact
  • Discuss the effects of nuclear power on mankind
  • Cybersecurity and potential risks


  • Analyze the impact of global warming on the world today
  • The role of geographical information system (GIS)


  • Describe major movements in US history
  • What is the impact of colonization on world history?


  • Describe the two major political systems and how they changed the world
  • Analyze the end of apartheid and its influence on the society

Thematic Essay Outline

A thematic statement outline comes in handy when writing your essay. The framework shows how your work will flow. It is a sketch or roadmap of what you are going to cover in your essay.

The standard outlook of a theme outline has five paragraphs with three major topics. It shows an introduction, body, and conclusion. In the outline, list the information in the order you plan to present it. The introduction will have the topic, thematic thesis statement, and a list of key points for discussion.

The main body contains the supportive topic sentences arranged in paragraphs. Each topic sentence is explained according to thesis statement forwarded. Use literary devices for each topic sentence and logically support your argument.

A conclusion should be short and precise. Rewrite your thesis statement in a different wording without losing the meaning. Also, list the major points. Do not introduce a new topic sentence but rather emphasize the ideas you presented in the body.

Let your summary be logical and easy to understand. Your last remarks can have an impact on the reader if it is impressive. Create the interest to research more on the topic. You can even suggest areas for further reading to your readers.

For a grade winning thematic essay, follow these essential steps:

  • Brainstorm your experiences – Read your work and gather the necessary details.in addition, try to gather memories o your chats in class or at home and relate them with any literary material. A complete structure of what you plan to write about keeps you focused. Analyze the question to get its requirement
  • list all ideas that you can remember including what you see as absurd. These may end up being the core idea on which you will write the essay.
  • list important literary works – write down all information related to the topic
  • Think about other literature materials you have previously read – try to analyze contents you have read consider the topic and how the author developed conflict in the book. Such will help you come up with a good idea about your essay. Compare other relevant sources that may help you defend your argument. If necessary, you may use them to prove your practical knowledge in research.

Writing a thematic essay

The actual thematic essay writing is the critical point. Strictly follow the outline. The standard format has introduction, body and a conclusion. The introduction has the theme statement which gives a summary of the topic theme. The body consists of at least five paragraphs each having a topic sentence explanation and examples. Each evidence has an appropriate literary device Here is a clear order on how to write a thematic essay:


Your tutor’s instruction will guide you as well as the book you are writing about


Start with a hooking sentence with a compelling claim concerning the subject at hand. A good opening statement will capture the readers’ interest. Use relevant terminologies. Clearly state the purpose of your writing.

Forward your thesis statement as you conclude the introduction.


Use paragraphs to present your supportive points. For each topic sentence, State the claim as per the topic then provide detailed evidence. Apply relevant literary elements that will show validity in the argument you are defending. Give appropriate examples or quotes from the text you are working on.


Provide a logic summary of the entire content.

Thematic thesis statement

A standard thematic essay has a minimum of five paragraphs. For college essay writing, you will write many paragraphs. You should have three parts, introduction, body, and conclusion.

In the introduction, mention your subject and thesis statement. In thematic definition, a thesis statement is a complete sentence that explains your theme.

When writing a thematic essay, a thematic statement becomes your thesis statement. This statement is normally stated in the last sentence of your introduction. It is from the theme statement that you get the rest of the content as you give detailed information to support this claim.

A good thesis statement should be a two-line sentence of 30-40 words. It should be arguable. Do not present an obvious thesis statement that everyone will agree with. Invoke diverse opinions from the readers concerning your statement. When they question your argument, they will be interested to read through your essay to know your supporting evidence.

Thesis theme

It is the abstract idea expressed by the writer about the work they have read. A theme of your thesis is one sentence that forms the core argument from which other points are written to support it.

It is therefore important that you consider these guidelines as you draft the statement:

  • Give a specific idea concerning a widely known topic
  • Do not sound obvious in your statement but give a well-crafted sentence.
  • Get the idea from the plot – give a general life perspective without pointing to a specific plot or its characters. Avoid giving specific details of the plot.
  • State the observation or opinion as it depicts – do not appear like you are giving a moral lesson or advice but express a thought. So, avoid directive words such as; should’ ‘must’.
  • Use general terms of reference rather than 2nd person – ‘you’

Below is an illustrated format on how to write a theme statement:

  • Choose a subject for instance love, freedom, prejudice
  • List down all the related causes of the subject you mentioned in (i) above.

The causes must come from the content so you need to have read it thoroughly.

For example, prejudice developed as a result of some animals using the resources for their benefits and undermine the value of others.

  • List the impact of the subject as described in the content.

For example, the prejudice caused innocent animals like sheep to suffer unfairly.

  • From step (ii) and (iii) draft your thematic statement.

What is the author’s observation on the subject, prejudice? You can have such a theme as, ‘Prejudice from Animal Farm is a common human aspect exposed in discrimination and unfair treatment of some people and causes suffering’

When writing the thematic statement, do not go to specific details of the plot or character but draw a general observation.


Make your introduction precise and interesting so as to capture the reader’s attention. Introduce your topic in in eye catching opening statement. Also write a short background information on the subject you intend to discuss. This will give the readers a clue of what you will later write expository in the body paragraphs. Conclude your introduction with a thematic essay thesis statement.


This is the main part of your thematic essay. This is where you give explicit explanation of your proposed theme. Arrange your evidences in a sequential order use topic sentences to open each paragraph. Importantly support your evidence with relevant examples or quotations if possible. Choose a suitable literary device for each topic sentence. Give correct references to the sources you researched on. You can also mention the author from whom you are derive each claim and the literary device or quote.

All your topic sentences must relate directly to the thesis statement as to their main stem. Remain focused on the stylistic device you are using to avoid veering of the topic. Since it an expository essay, do not give your point of you. Just provide the solid evidence as researched.

Thematic essay Conclusion

A conclusion is a summary of the main points. You can mention the main topic sentences in the body paragraphs and their supportive evidences.do not introduce new information even if it could be relevant to the subject.

Restate the thesis statement in a different way as a matter of stressing on the theme. Finally close your essay with a statement that will trigger more interest on the readers to further read or research on the topic Provide a bibliography to show and acknowledge all the references of your research

Review your First Draft

A strong thematic essay has all the details written in order and with the correct grammar. Read your essay to assess if it answers the question. Compare your theme with the work from which you got the subject. Does your thesis trigger a challenge? It ought to invite an argument but not a summary of the content.

Check whether you have discussed all the points. Are the examples relevant?

 Finally, read your conclusion and check whether it captures a summary as required. The statement and the evidence in the body should agree. If not, change part or even the whole statement before you hand it in for marking.

Assess the theme statement from the reader’s perspective. Will the readers understand your thought in the first instance? If you realize that the statement raises questions such as ‘why’ and ‘how’, try to modify it. Make it clear and understandable. If not, change part or even the whole statement before you hand it in for marking. Feel free to consult another person to edit for you. For easier and perfect results, engage the essay writers to edit your thematic essay.

Things to avoid when writing a thematic essay

  • Answering the question wrongly

If you work without an outline, it is possible to miss the question target. Refer to the question frequently as you write to ensure you are on the right track.

  • Wrong outline order

Do not start with the pieces of evidence but rather present the argument then support it. Also, start with the major points then followed by minor ones. A systematic flow gives an impressive outlook to your essay.

  • Scanty evidence and examples

If you do not provide adequate reasons and credible examples to defend your claim, your thesis statement might remain just a vague statement and will be dismissed as an unfounded rumor. So, research thoroughly.

  • Unnecessary repletion of facts
  • Providing a book’s summary without giving your point of view

By doing so, you end up doing a plot summary instead of a thematic essay.

Thematic essay example

There is a variety of literary material for analysis. Below is a short thematic essay example on literature students. It is based on a theme in Animal Farm by George Orwell

Animal Farm, by George Orwell, is a reflection of Josef Stalin’s rule of the Soviet union  that culminated in the 1917 Russian Revolution. He has intelligently used literary devices like imagery, metaphors, satire, and personification to develop various themes.

 One of his prominent themes is bad leadership that led to the oppression of the subject animals. The use of the imagery technique of the farm depicts the political regime of Russia at that time. Orwell also applied satire to elaborate the key themes. He has also used personification to describe some political leaders’ characteristics.

Thematic essay writing becomes easy homework if you have gathered vast information regarding the topic. A good choice of theme and a clear thesis statement provides a good guide to essay writing a thematic essay.

Detailed pieces of evidence as listed in the outline supported by examples give a solid argument. Sum up with a conclusion where you emphasize the key points, restate the theme statement and give a concluding remark.

Thematic essay has its requirements and require time and isolated concentration. You may get difficulties handling it together with other college tasks.

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