How to write a satirical essay

How to write a satirical essay

Satirical essays present fun and humorous content on a given topic. These essays are common among students and interesting for the readers. The essays give you a fun writing experience, and this article is a step-by-step guide on how to write a satirical essay.

What is a satirical essay?

This is a type of essay, also known as a satire essay, where you write content with enough humor. You present facts and true information while including fun in your satirical essay content. A satirical essay should be informative, fun to read, and thought-provoking to the reader.

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You require various writing skills and a good topic to write a high-quality satirical essay. Your knowledge of the topic is also important because the content must be true and reliable. A satirical essay also allows you to present your perspective on the topic.

Tips for writing a good satirical essay

If you want to know how to make your satirical essay great, this information is for you. Consider the following steps on how to write a satirical essay.

Choose a good satirical essay topic

Think about your essay topic, based on your audience and essay requirements. While some tutors may choose the topic for you, you will need to choose one in most cases. Your topic will determine your content and writing experience, therefore take your time.

Choose good satirical essay topics that you like, for a better writing experience. A topic that you like will make research and writing easier for you. Preferably, choose a unique topic that hasn’t been written on by other writers.

Your topic should be framed humorously, to give humor to the audience. The humorous aspect of your essay is where you poke your fun into the essay content. Use something funny or ironic in your topic to highlight the fun and humor.

Avoid too much exaggeration in your satirical essay topic. It has to make sense and interest readers. Too much exaggeration of the topic may make your essay appear like a joke.

Think of your target audience

Your writing should focus on those who will read the content. The audience will determine the tone and language of your writing. Your audience could be an academic professional, your professor, or your fellow students.

When writing to your professor, for instance, your language and tone will be more formal. This is compared to writing a satirical essay to your fellow students.

Your audience also determines the humorous content you will use. There is a level of sarcasm, irony, or mimicking that is suitable for each audience.


Brainstorming is important in essay writing, helping students to break down a topic into good content. Before you start writing, think of the topic and how to acquire the content. If a topic is tough to brainstorm, it is likely to be difficult to write about it.

Conduct good research

While satirical essays should be humorous, your content must be of high quality. Get factual information from reliable sources and avoid copying directly from your sources. Copying in essay writing is referred to as plagiarism, and is punishable.

Good research sources include books, good blogs, and essay examples. Review satirical essay examples and see how other writers presented their essay content. A research paper is important whether you have satirical essay writing experience or not.

Use hyperbole

Hyperbole is figurative language used to create humor in writing. Use it to exaggerate your points and make the content funny, while emphasizing a point. An example of hyperbole is, ‘am so thirsty that I could drink a river.’

You cannot drink a complete river no matter how thirsty you are, but the statement is funny for the reader. It also exaggerates and emphasizes your thirst as the main point. Hyperbole is common for satirical essays, as an easy way to factor in humor.

Use sarcasm

Sarcasm is easy to use in satirical essays, and it creates fun and humor. Use sarcasm to mock an aspect of your content, by stating the aspect’s opposite. It also helps in emphasizing your point of view in a satirical essay.

You can also create funny satirical essay content through intelligent humor. Mimicking and the use of exquisite language are some ways of writing fun content. Fun content will keep your audience engaged throughout the essay.

Use exaggeration

Wisely select the content you can naturally exaggerate. Do not force exaggeration of content as it will not be fun, but unclear. Content exaggeration should mainly be in the main body section of a satirical essay.

Review your essay

Proofread your work before submitting it to your reader, to remove any mistakes. Confirm that your grammar and punctuation are okay and that the essay is interesting for the reader. You can also ask someone to read your essay and give feedback or use reliable online platforms for corrections.

Avoid slander in your satirical essay

When adding fun and humor to your satirical essay content, avoid libel or slander. Essay publications have legal guidelines and slanderous content may cause you trouble. Do not take your irony or humor too far, as it may make your content tarnishing and offensive.

Keep your satirical essay fun content original and informative. Only use humor tactics to keep the audience engaged and make your original content interesting. Fun content should not be in form of rhetorical questions, to avoid burdensome content.

Satirical essay topic ideas

Topic ideas vary depending on your area of choice or study. There are satirical essay topic ideas in business, education, environment, and more. Here are some ideas you can consider:

Business topic ideas

  1. Is the customer always right in business?
  2. Achieving big bucks in business
  3. How to run a successful business with less effort
  4. How to network and build connections
  5. Technology being overtaken by robots
  6. Ways of working smart in a business
  7. From a Small Medium Enterprise to a big corporation
  8. Motivated employees for more productivity

Funny satirical essay topics

  1. How social media could ruin your life
  2. The worst way to break up
  3. Why it is hard for many women to apologize
  4. What you eat defines you
  5. How to get back at your ex
  6. Your real-life vs. your life on social media
  7. The mystery of internet hackers
  8. Is modern-day marriage a scam?
  9. How to excel in school without hard work
  10. How to get away with crime

Education satirical topics

  1. Is the teacher, always, right?
  2. Why do you need to read books more than internet content?
  3. Are technology rendering books irrelevant?
  4. Audiobooks for busy people
  5. How to enjoy college exams and do well
  6. Why school may be a waste of time
  7. How to make mathematics enjoyable
  8. How chemistry can be your favorite subject

It is advisable to choose topics from trending issues. This offers plenty of content to write about and gives a better chance to state your opinion on the emerging issues. Check entertainment, sports, political, and global news or trends for satirical essay ideas you may be interested in.

Satirical essay thesis statement

A thesis statement is your purpose for writing a paper. This statement appears in the introduction as one sentence, and it introduces your major argument to the reader. Your essay content should be focused on supporting the thesis statement, using evidence and examples.

Satirical essay sources

Satirical essay content should be from academically reliable sources. While you will create fun and humor in your content, the essay content must be true and unbiased. Good sources include academic publications, and websites.

Go for current information available on your topic, to make your essay more relevant. Avoid news sites when collecting data as some may offer incorrect information. Cite all your sources using in-text citations and a references section.

Citation in an essay depends on your style of writing. The style and format to use are mainly given by the instructor. If you are to choose the writing style yourself, select the easiest for you.

How to structure a satirical essay

A satirical essay outline is similar to other essay outlines. Your essay should have an introduction, the main body section, and a conclusion. If it is your first time writing a satirical essay, this section is for you.


This section introduces the reader to your essay, so it must be catchy to hook your reader. After the hook statement, write a sentence or two on your main points without going into details. Avoid writing the satirical essay definition in the first paragraph.

Conclude the introduction with a strong thesis statement, stating the main focus of your writing. The thesis statement should be one sentence. Your introduction should not exceed 100 words.

Body section

This is the main section of an essay, where you present your researched data. It should be guided by the information you provided in the introduction. The section entails supporting information for your main points and thesis statement.

Divide your content into subsections for easier readability and understanding. Each point should be in a different subsection, preferably introduced by a distinct subheading. In each subsection, provide enough supporting information for your point.

Supporting information includes examples and evidence on your findings. Ensure all information is well-researched and reliable. Also, use proper transitional sentences to connect one paragraph or subsection to the other.

The body section content should be well-cited with in-text citations. The citations should be according to your writing style or format. You should not copy word for word from your source to your essay.


End your essay with a catchy conclusion. It should be well-structured and interesting. Your conclusion can be a call to action, recommendation, or question.

In your conclusion, give a summary of your main points and keep it short. Do not introduce any new points or content in the conclusion. You should also state the thesis statement once more in your conclusion.

Like the introduction, a conclusion should be about 100 words long. Fun and humor can be included in the conclusion of a satirical essay.

The cover page and reference page

An essay is a professional document that should be presented formally. The first thing a reader should, especially your tutor, should see is a detailed cover page. This is the first page of a satirical essay.

The cover page has the main title of your paper, your details and may include your professor’s name. Write your title, name, area of study, affiliate institution, and other details depending on the style of writing. Your cover page should be outlined according to your writing format.  

Every essay must have a reference page or section. This is a bibliography section with a list of all your sources. Your reference page must also be structured according to your writing style. APA references, for instance, appear differently from MLA references.

Do not cite sources that you did not cite inside your essay. This is a common mistake that many students make while referencing. Sources provided in the essay as in-text citations are the ones that should be listed in the references section.

Formatting your essay

Before you begin to proofread your essay, ensure it is formatted well. Formatting should be as per essay writing standards and your writing style. Your satirical essay must have enough humor, irony, and fun.

Use the correct font, spacing and adhere to the given essay instructions. Number your pages accordingly and insert the right headers. You can review satirical essay examples similar to yours, to correctly format your essay.

Parting shot

You are now equipped with proven tips on how to write a satirical essay. Your satirical essay writing experience should be based on a good topic and quality research. Inserting fun and humor makes your content interesting for the reader.

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