How to write a reaction paper: Best Guide

How to write a reaction paper: Best Guide

A reaction paper or a response paper is a common assignment in colleges. It’s among the few opportunities you get to express your opinion without being limited to other people’s ideas. This explains why it’s among the loved papers by students, especially those who love critical thinking. Writing a response paper will cost you some patience and passion. Let’s dive in on everything you need to know about it.

What is a reaction paper?

It’s a type of an essay that requires you to give your opinion on a subject primarily used in literature and political science. The primary purpose of the response paper is to show your understanding of the topic. It also shows whether you know how to write a response.  

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How to write a reaction paper: Best Guide
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The reaction paper uses informal language. You are allowed to use the first person in your essay, which is not allowed in academics. But, you must retain a professional tone in your writing. when writing the paper, you should not be emotional or use vulgar language. Seek professional writing service if you face problems writing your essay. 

Format your response essay

Though it’s an informal essay, one way of learning how to write a reaction paper is to ensure it has a format. It may not be a requirement, but it’s essential. Formatting makes your paper look organized and attractive which is every lecturer’s desire to mark such work.  Here are some basics of managing your response paper.

Determine the reference method to use

The first thing for a reaction paper format is to know the preferred method of writing. Each referencing style has its way of formatting a paper. You put yourself in confusion if you start an essay without a direction. Your report will look more confused and disorganized for using more than one reference method. Ensure you understand the requirements before you start to write.

APA is the most preferred method of referencing. Though are other styles such as Harvard, Chicago, and MLA, most people would prefer to use the simplest way to write their paper. It’s easy to use because it uses the author-date method; its rules are also simple to follow. For this article, we will use APA as a point of reference.

Format your cover page

The cover page is the most crucial part of the format. It contains all information about you and your school. Anyone reading your first page should trace up to your classroom because the section includes all vital data.

APA style has direct information. It has your name our course, school, lecturer, and date. It’s almost impossible for someone looking for you using this information to be lost.

Remember to put page numbers as you format the first page. You will struggle throughout the response paper, trying to do what you could have done on the first page. Inserting page numbers at the beginning lessens the hustle of correcting disorganized page numbers.

Adhere to other APA formatting measures

APA requires you to observe some rules in your formatting. The first thing is the font and spacing. Your response paper should be double spaced. It must have a font size of twelve written in Times New Romans. It may look easy, but you can lose marks for disobeying the simple guidelines.

Please note the position of the heading, subheadings, and paragraphs. Unless otherwise stated, APA style does not encourage subheadings. Your work flows to the end.

Please align the heading at the center, capitalize each word and don’t put it in bold letters. Remember to indent the paragraph. APA does not have a subtitle for the conclusion.

Format the body

Format the body paragraph according to APA style. First, your paragraphs should be short. You only need four to five sentences for each section in your reaction paper. It’s easier for your reader to read and follow through. We live in a digital world where people won’t read long stuff. Follow the same rule if you want your audience to keep up with you.

Have a topic sentence and supporting paragraphs. It’s important to present one idea at a time. It’s confusing when you talk about two points at the same time. The first sentence of the section gives a guide on what you will talk about in the area. Ensure you don’t add more than what you intended to say.

Write an impressive introduction

The first thing when writing your reaction essay is to introduce it to your reader. You tell your audience why it’s essential to document the response paper and its impact. You can also give background information about the topic. The introduction provides a summary of your response essay.

Insert statistics in your introduction. It’s a better way of convincing your audience to continue reading. People rarely resist graphs and facts. They will have confidence following you to the end. They will be figuring out where the statistics you mentioned in the introduction fit in your conversation.

The last sentence of your introduction is the thesis statement. It summarizes the whole essay in one line. Briefly tell your audience what you will talk about in your article. Which direction will you take? What is the content of your reaction paper? Is it a critical essay, or do you agree with the author?

Include a summary

It’s essential to introduce your reader to what you will write about in your reaction paper. Some of your audience may be unfamiliar with what you are discussing. Maybe they are new to the industry, and they don’t know about the author or the topic. Take them through to ensure they follow to the end.

Giving a summary ensures that you don’t lose your audience too early. Keep in mind that your purpose is to engage your readers. Whatever you do, ensure you are communicating because you can’t speak to lost readers.

The best way to summarize the work is by writing it in prose. The audience will understand it better.  You will give more details when you write in paragraphs. The minor details that you omit are essential. They help your client follow you easily.

Include a conclusion

The last part of your response essay summarizes what you have discussed in the main body. Your summary should stick to the paper by not introducing new contents or concepts. The best way to write a conclusion is to take the main point on each section and explain it.

Ensure to write a short conclusion. It should not take more than two hundred words. The section is about you and what you have learned. So, avoid using references.

Take your conclusion with the same seriousness as the introduction. Some think that since it’s the last part, all you need is to scribble a few words. Did you know that this is the most read part of your essay?

Lecturers don’t have time to go through the whole response essay. Instead, they use the conclusion to judge what to expect in the body. It’s not enough to write excellent body paragraphs. You must extend the perfection to the end. The worst part is that you will not know how they graded your paper. You will continue complaining about your excellent essay and how the lecturer was unfair, yet you won’t get an answer.

Read other scholar’s views

Another way of learning how to write a reaction essay is to know the debate surrounding the topic. Unless it’s a new topic, the high chances are that other scholars have discussed the report. Their response will help you build a foundation for your argument.

Getting diverse views gives you an enormous scope of the topic. Students write what they know off-head and  run out of content after five hundred words.  Instead, explore other writers and increase your knowledge.  You may find important information which you never thought would be beneficial for your essay.

Please note that a reaction paper does not mean you rely on your mind alone. Students think that since it’s an opinion about the topic, they don’t need to research or read further. But, your write-up will be uninformative if you don’t consult widely. Have a basis for forming your line of thought, which you can only achieve by reading books about the same topic.

Research the topic

Please don’t confuse this section with reading other people’s opinions. The purpose of researching your topic is to have a better understanding of the issue. It allows you to clarify some ideas you find challenging to understand. It’s easier for you to write a reaction paper on a familiar topic. An example of a response essay is your opinion about the current debate on COVID 19 vaccine.  

You cannot offer any scholarly opinion about the above topic if you don’t know anything about it. First, research the vaccine; understand how it works and its side effects. Then, you can contribute any information about it.

Use credible sources for your research. The internet has dozens of websites that offer you all the information you need. It also has blogs that do not provide any trusted information. Before you decide to quote or copy anything from the internet, ensure it meets the standard criteria for academic content.

The rule is exceptional to some point. You can use government websites or blogs in your reaction paper research. Though they are not on Google Scholar or Research Gate website, they have some trusted information for your essay. For instance, they may provide the figures and statistics that you need.

 Your paper should use recent content. Consult articles published not more than five years ago. Older journals may not have the recent development in the research. Using them will deny you the complete information you need to write an example of a response essay.

Concentrate on giving an opinion

Saying that you need to research your paper does not mean that you feel your essay with quotes and figures. It will turn your assignment from a reaction paper to a research project. The purpose of reading wide is to help you construct an opinion. Use the knowledge you gained from your study to help you write a quality paper.

Remain factual in your response paper

As much as it’s a response paper, you cannot present exaggerated information. Your argument should be credible and worth the academic name. Have a reference of where one can get the information, especially when you quote a figure.

The primary reason why students present misleading information is using unauthorized materials for their research. For instance, you cannot claim that the vaccine is killing people to argue why people should not get it, yet you have no source for your claim.

Have a draft for your reaction paper

Your paper should go through various stages before submitting it to your lecturer. The first copy helps you put your ideas in a report by writing everything you know on how to write a response essay summary. It’s now easier for you to add more information to the paper as you progress.

Your copy should meet the basics of a standard academic paper. It should be ready for submission in case you have no time to create another copy. So, the draft should have minimum errors. Students have submitted draft copies for their assignments and passed. You never know what might prevent you from revising your response essay. Be prepared all the time.

Follow instructions

The easiest way to pass your exam is to follow instructions. They contain all the answers you need for your response essay. But, many go through the guidelines and assume that they have understood everything.

You should read the instructions at least twice for you to get what the lecturer wants. The first reading helps you to get a general idea of the guidelines. A second reading is to help you get the minute details which you can’t get through superficial reading. For instance, look for the main keywords in the guidelines and try to find out their purpose.

Ask for clarification where you do not understand. Talking to your lecturer and explaining your situation is harmless. But, some students treat the tutor as a monster. They prefer to write a misguided reaction essay than ask for an explanation from their teachers.

Lecturers are ready to help students. They do not write hard-to-understand instructions intentionally. Their only mistake is to assume that the instructions are as easy as they think. They will not ignore you if you ask them for help.

Hire a reaction paper writer

Professional writers will help you write your essay on time. Sometimes you may be caught up in activities that won’t allow you to write your paper. Don’t alter your daily activities because of a one-day report. The online websites will do the assignment for you. You only need to sign up and request your paper.

We have discussed how to write a reaction paper in this article. The important thing to remember is to follow instructions, research your paper and create an impressive format. Contact thehomeworkwritings to help you write your response essay on time. Sign up to request your assignment at subsidized rates.

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