How to Start an Essay

How to Start an Essay

Students struggle with how to start an essay and how to write an introduction for an essay. Suppose you are in this category, hold on and learn more on how to start an essay with examples. You will encounter dozens of assignments that require you to write an essay. Knowing how to write an essay on yourself will save your time and resources. Here are some tips to use.

Understand the topic

The first thing before starting your essay is to ensure that you understand the topic. It’s hard to know how to write an essay if you don’t know what to write. The title should give you an idea of what to include, your essay’s length, and the time to allocate each section.

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A title helps you to know where to get sources for your essay.  Understanding the topic and type of essay required enables you to know the sites to use in your paper. They will give you a glimpse of what to write. You will find work done by other authors to guide you on how to start an essay introduction.

Know your audience when writing essays

Have your audience in mind when starting an essay introduction. Ensure that you understand the language and the tone your client appreciates. The goal of your essay is to engage your listeners and pass information.

One way to know the type of audience you intend to address is by looking at the topic. It will enlighten your idea of starting an essay off. Let’s say you want to write about passing college exams. The title shows that your target audience is college students, probably in their first or second year.

Your purpose is to show the students how to pass their exams. The best language to use is an authoritative and persuasive tone. It affirms to the student that your words are trustworthy. If the topic is about how to survive on campus, use emotional and empathetic language to appeal to your audience’s emotions. Learning how to start an essay with a quote is critical.

Start by formatting your essay

Learning how to format an essay is one of the most overlooked aspects of writing, yet it has a great bearing on your grade. Before you drop any letter in your introduction, ensure your paper is all set. Read instructions to know your lecturer’s preferred method of referencing. Each method has its way of formatting.

The first part to format is your title page to avoid forgetting about it when your paper is due, and you have less time. The information to include in this part depends on the instructed referencing method.

MLA method does not use a title page since all information goes to the introduction. APA and Harvard have the first page formatted differently. APA method is the widely accepted style.

 A hook line is among the best ways on how to start your reaction paper.

Your reader may not be interested in reading your essay as you are excited to write. It’s important to bring them on board by the first line. Some readers are picky about what they read. Some will only look at the first paragraph and decide whether to continue or look for another writer.

 It takes effort to keep your readers to a conclusion. Use a sentence that commands your reader’s attention as long as it connects to the rest of the lines. Construct your hook line after finishing your essay. You will have a better view of your thematic essay at the end. It’s not a crime to construct it at the beginning.

A statistic or a contrary opinion is a good way to start your essay introduction. The reader should find your paper unique as compared to thousands of the same contents in your class. Attract your reader by being different. It’s the best way to learn how to start an essay for college.

Avoid general information if you want a great way on how to start a causal analysis essay. Information such as dictionary definitions is not new. Anyone can find it. You intend to tell your audience something new, the information they rarely hear from anyone.

Direct your reader to the main point

A reader can still lose interest even after reading the first line. You need to bring them to the second, the third, and the conclusion of your essay. The consecutive lines should bring logic to your hook line and the entire essay.  The sentences expand on the first line.

If you gave statistics as the hook line, let the following sentences explain why the numbers are important in your study. For instance, talk about how the figures will increase in the future. The proceeding sentences may touch on how the rise will affect the subject of the study. By the end of the first paragraph, your reader should freely read the rest of the essay.

Explain why you choose the topic as a way to learn how to start an essay

It’s an important question to answer when knowing how to start an essay paragraph. After engaging your reader, it’s time to let them know why they should read past the catchy introduction. Briefly explain your topic. Your reader wants to know why you choose a particular topic and how they will benefit from the study.

The best way to answer this question is to know your audience. Understand why the reader is interested in the topic and use it to get them to read your paper.

A topic on climate change will have three main audiences; policymakers, activists, and the government. Know what drove them to read your essay. Use informative writing skills to keep the audience reading. The bottom line, convince your audience to continue reading.

Explain your essay outline


The best way to learn how to write an expository essay is to include an outline. Assure your reader that they won’t be wasting their time reading your essay. Highlight what they will expect in each stage or section of your essay. If it’s an argumentative essay, let your client know your stance at the introduction. They will be able to read objectively.

 Include a thesis statement

It’s your introduction’s last sentence that explains the point of your essay. The statement should be clear so that your reader can read and make a conclusion. The position of this sentence depends on the type of writing.

To know how to start an essay intro is to understand the difference between concluding lines and thesis statement. Students write the last line of the first paragraph and assume that it’s a thesis statement. Ensure your statement is connected to previous sentences. Your reader should not feel left out when they reach your thesis statement. It should feel like part of the other lines.

Short words, short paragraph

To know how to write a good essay is to be brief. The best introductions are those with short sentences. Your audience should hunger for more information after the first few lines. Long paragraphs tire your audience before they can get to the main content. Limit the first section to five lines.

Use shorter and better words. Students do not know how to start a paper because they want to beat around the bush. Their purpose is to hit the word count. Your lecturer allocates the number of words to help you organize your work and not to burden you. When you take your assignment as a burden, it becomes harder for you to write the right thing.

Short words make your essay attractive and informative. Stick with nouns, adjectives, and verbs in your assignment. The problem with students is failure to distinguish between spoken and written English. How you express a particular phrase in speech is different from how you write it down—most words lose meaning when written.

Long words are a sign of laziness. Students use long phrases to add the word count. Minimize using adverbs in your essay. Saying something is exorbitant is better than saying it’s very expensive. The internet and dictionary have dozens of words to become an expert in how to write an essay.  

Do not sacrifice quality over short words. Some words will lose meaning if truncated. Ensure the word you have used is the best alternative depending on your study topic and context. You are now an expert on how to start an essay if you can use words appropriately.

Writing strategies to help learn how to start an essay

 Essay writing is an art. People don’t just become good essay writers. They use strategies that are proved to be effective for ages. Let’s look at some ways to help you on how to start writing.

Write your introduction last

Students get shocked when they hear that the last thing to write on their essay is the introduction. It’s not a crime to start from the conclusion. Or do you know any grammar rules on how to start and conclude an essay? You aim to get the essay done. And so the end justifies the means.

Professional writers will tell you that an introduction is the hardest part to write. Sometimes you have all the essay content, but you cannot craft a two hundred words introduction. It’s hard to figure out how to start an essay about a book.

Dozens of experts have confessed the many times they had to delete their introduction after finishing their essay. They had to craft a new one that aligns with the content. It’s okay if you don’t know how to start your essay from top to bottom. Start with what is easier to write. You will expand your idea about the paper as you continue writing and realize you can start your essay with a question or a quote.

Try brainstorming

Let no one lie to you about their awesome ever-flowing ideas about every topic. Even the best writers run out of ideas before completely learning how to start an essay example. The most common cause is a distraction, stress, or unfamiliar titles with no reference materials

Scribing random ideas may help you to know how to begin an essay with a hook. Jot down all your points on a separate page and select the best ideas. Sometimes even the wrong ideas can provoke your thoughts to bring out the right ones. Your mind can suggest to you inapplicable ideas until you wonder whether you still have any good ideas left thus inciting you to think harder.   

Free-form -writing has helped many to start an introductory paragraph. It’s a form of writing where you take a sheet of paper and write anything that comes to your mind hoping that a hidden idea will pop up. Keep writing in a stream of sentences until you get what you want. The result is not much attractive, but it can motivate you to get the best ideas you need for your essay.

Revise your work

The worst mistake in your process of learning how to start an essay is to turn in unedited work. You will be a better writer the day you feel guilty for not having a second look at your paper. Editing your work determines your grade. The introduction is a small section that’s easy to note grammatical errors. An audience may fail to go past the introduction for fear that the essay is irrelevant.

Revise your introduction twice before moving to the body paragraph. Reviewing your paper will help you to spot grammatical errors, wordy sentences, and fluff in your essay. Such unclear content distorts your assignment’s image and distracts the reader.

Don’t give the tutor the power over your grades. Lecturers look for minor mistakes in assignments as a way of evading the long list of marking. They use grammatical mistakes to justify their grading.

Some tutors will not go through past introductions, but they will grade your paper. If asked to explain the reason for the poor grades, they claim your paper had many grammatical errors. How did they know that? They read the introduction. If you can’t edit the first paragraph, the tutor is justified to think that the rest of the paper is unedited.

Request a friend to rate your paper

If you feel you have not done much on your paper, invite a trustworthy person to guide you and point out errors. Look for a genuine and professional person. They will analyze your introduction from an unbiased point of view. A friend may flatter you because they don’t want to offend or make you feel inadequate.

 A professional will be honest with their opinion since they won’t have preconceived ideas about your essay. It may surprise you to learn how many mistakes you had made in your paper, which would result in low grades if went unedited. Errors such as irrelevant information and word choice are only visible to editors. That’s when you realize you are yet to know how to start an essay.

Reach out to your lecturer to look at your essay. They will appreciate your effort to ask questions about the introduction and offer help. You will get to know what they expect from the whole essay, thus helping you craft your introduction. Ask them a question such as how do I start an essay? Or how do I start a paragraph?

Use editing tools

They help you to see what your will not notice. Any writer who wishes to know how to start an essay conclusion should consider using these tools. Editing tools refine your content to the minute details.

 Use the Grammarly app to correct common errors in your essay. It’s considered a tool for every writer.

The app removes all grammatical mistakes in your essay. It’s mostly important for nonnative speakers. Nonnative speakers have a lot of grammatical errors which they don’t realize. Allow the tool to reveal flaws that you need to remove.

You can also use the app when you have limited time to edit your essay. It will highlight for you all the mistakes. Your work will be to remove the mistakes and replace the term with already existing words. Grammarly has saved many during the rush minute.

A plagiarism checker is also among the starter pack for someone learning how to start an essay. Plagiarism is copying a published work and making it your own without acknowledging the source. The penalty for the crime is suspension or expulsion.

Use Turnitin to help you check the plagiarism percentage of your introduction. The tool checks the similarity between your paper and the internet sources. It ensures that students abide by the school laws on not cheating or plagiarizing their assignments.

The rule of copying information from the internet is that you should not take two consecutive words and make them your own. Do you see the strictness of plagiarism? It’s impossible to abide by the law. Use this app to help you be certain about your paper.

Start your essay earlier

Most students are a victim of last hour rush. Think about how to start an essay about yourself immediately after you get the assignment. It will help you be organized and have enough time to work on your essay.


Avoid hurrying up to complete your essay. Instead of being creative, you end up starting a paragraph to save time. Besides, you don’t have time for editing and proofreading your work.

Have enough time for your essay. Let every  word be meaningful and intentional. You can only achieve this when you are composed and without any pressure to work within time.

If possible, postpone all activities that may trigger you to hurry to work on your sociological essay. Games and movie nights can wait. You will attend many of them later after passing your final examples.

Do not put a reference on your introduction

The first paragraph of your essay is meant to help you express your idea and how you will drive it to the end. Including a reference in the first section limits your creativity. You will start analyzing other people’s writings too early.

 You may expound on the statistics you mentioned in your introduction later in the essay and reference it from there. Using statistics in your introduction is important. Look for a way to express it without requiring any in-text citation. One way is to state that you plan to talk more about it in the coming sections.

Do thorough research for  essay

Before starting your essay, ensure you have done thorough research on the topic. Have all the information and resources needed in essay writing. It will be easier for you to concentrate on your introduction since you have a glimpse of writing after perusing the materials.

Create a separate page and copy all the materials you will use if possible. Having them in one place allows you to have quick access. It’s better to save them in a safe and reliable place.

Move away from distractions

The best way on how to start your essay is to find a place where you can concentrate. Distractions will prevent you from concentrating on your essay. The common mistake among students is thinking they can work on their essay while watching a movie.

Writing is not among the things you can multitask. You will serve one and leave the other. Your assignment needs full concentration.  Move away from phones, televisions, and music. These are the highest distractors. Turn them off or relocate to a quiet place.

Your bedroom is not among those peaceful places recommended here unless the only thing in it is your bed and a reading table. Otherwise, you will extend the laziness from watching television to gazing at magazines.

Learning how to start your essay is a journey. Use these tips to help you write better. Sometimes it’s hard to start an essay, especially when in a hurry. Do not risk your grade because of an introduction. Place an order and allow our homework writing service to help you start your essay.  

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