What are the different types of thesis statements?

What are the different types of thesis statements?

How important is a thesis statement in your academic paper? Most professors stress the role of a thesis statement in your essay.

There are different types of thesis statements, and they form the foundation of your essay. They are explanatory, argumentative, and analytical thesis statements.

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What are the different types of thesis statements?
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The purpose of a thesis statement is to guide your writing process. Everything you discuss in your essay should be linked to your thesis.

It also helps to guide your readers. For example, a reader can know what your paper is about by reading your thesis statement.

A thesis provides a summary of your viewpoint. Here is a detailed look at each type of thesis statement

three types of thesis statements

The type of paper you are writing will determine the type of thesis statement you require. Different types of thesis play different roles in the essay you are working on.

In each case, they give your paper clarity, an argument, continuity, and focus. These are the 3 types of thesis statements.

1.     Explanatory thesis statement

This type of thesis statement is based on facts. When you are creating an explanatory thesis, you do not include your personal opinion.

You are also not supposed to make a claim. An explanatory thesis statement informs a reader about your topic.

It provides the main points that you will discuss in your essay. This type of thesis is also known as an expository thesis statement.

You do not have to declare a stand when working with an explanatory thesis. Explanatory thesis examples can be seen in expository essays and research papers.

2.     Argumentative thesis statement

When writing an argumentative essay, you need an argumentative thesis statement. This type of thesis requires you to take a stand on your topic.

Your topic of discussion needs to be debatable. This means it should have more than one side.

In such types of thesis papers, you are required to choose a stand out of two or many positions about your topic. You need to convince an audience that your stand is the right one.

You convince your audience with an argument that contains evidence and examples. This is how you support your claim.

An argumentative thesis statement should not be a factual statement or your personal opinion. It should be a claim that your readers can agree with or choose not to agree with.

3.     Analytical thesis statement

These types of thesis statements analyze your topic. They break down your idea into smaller parts.

They examine each specific aspect of it. An analytical thesis evaluates your subject and presents a clear order of analysis to your reader.

What are the two types of thesis statements?

The two main thesis statement types are explanatory and argumentative thesis. An explanatory thesis is based on facts and mainly announces your subject to an audience.

An explanatory thesis example can be “A healthy lifestyle requires a balanced diet, regular exercise, and quality sleep.”  The second main type of thesis is an argumentative thesis.

These types of thesis statements provoke opposition. A good example of an argumentative thesis can be found in any argumentative essay.

Different thesis statements

There are different types of thesis statements, but they all have the same purpose. A thesis statement which is a summary of your main idea is usually placed in the first paragraph of your essay.

It is the last one or two sentences of your introduction paragraph. This is a common scenario with the three types of thesis statements.

There is another type of thesis called a working thesis. This thesis types are “work in progress” as you write your essay.

A working thesis allows you the flexibility to change your thesis as you write your essay. After identifying your topic, you develop a thesis statement, and you start writing your essay.

Approach your topic with your thesis in mind but revise it to suit the needs of your essay. When you want to include a new idea or point in your essay, you can do it.

After adding an idea to your essay, you can revise your thesis statement. This allows your essay writing process to have some flexibility.

How to revise your working thesis statement

A thesis statement is a structuring tool that provides focus to your paper. This means your essay should always reinforce your thesis statement. Do the following when revising your thesis

  • Check your topic sentences throughout the body section of your essay. Ensure they are relevant to your thesis statement.
  • Your topic sentences should be connected to your topic. When using a working thesis, you can revise your thesis to suit your paper.
  • Make sure your thesis uses the correct words to help reinforce your claim. Your thesis should be clear, direct, and brief.
  • Remove unnecessary words that are vague. Your thesis should ensure readers understand your topic.

Checklist for your working thesis

A strong thesis statement produces solid arguments and a solid paper. After revising your working thesis statement, you can use the following checklist to determine its strength.

  • Does your claim present an argument to your readers? Will your thesis provoke a discussion or a debate? Can your audience oppose your thesis statement, or does it present a fact?
  • Can you revise your thesis statement to be more specific? Is it obscure or too general? Can revising it make it more understandable to your readers?
  • Is your thesis statement a guide to your essay? Does it form the foundation of your discussions in your essay? Does it affect the progression of your writing?
  • Have you used the correct words in your thesis? Are the words in the proper context?
  • Can the final version of your thesis statement interest your readers? Do you feel confident and comfortable about it?

How to create a strong thesis statement

A thesis statement plays a pivotal role when writing your essay. This is why you should put much emphasis on creating a strong thesis.

When your thesis statement is strong, your evidence and examples will be strong. You will produce a solid paper that will lead to a higher grade.

Different thesis statements are not created in the same way. Understanding how to create each thesis type will help you understand how to make them stronger.

1.     Conduct a research

Different types of thesis fulfill the purpose of a specific type of paper. A research paper thesis which is a perfect example of an explanatory thesis statement passes factual information to readers.

How you construct this type of thesis statement is different from how you will construct an argumentative thesis. It is important to know the type of essay you are working on before you can create a thesis statement.

Perform thorough research of the type of thesis you need to write. Look at examples of thesis paragraphs online.

Get insight into how to create a particular thesis statement. Make sure you allocate enough time to research your thesis and understand your topic.

2.     Write your thesis statement

After conducting thorough research and writing down your main points, you can compose your thesis statement. Select one main idea that is not too broad.

Make sure it is an idea that you can cover in your paper and within the set word limit. In case your idea is too broad, narrow it down. A broad idea cannot fit in your paper.

You need to make sure your main idea is not narrow. When your idea is too narrow, you will not find enough information to write your paper.

Let your thesis statement flow naturally from your research work. State what you have discovered. Write a clear and concise thesis statement.

Make sure your thesis is assertive and sounds confident. The types of statements that you write should follow this model and sound authoritative.

Characteristics of different types of thesis statements

When writing a thesis statement, you need to base it on an idea. Whether it is an explanatory, argumentative, or analytical thesis, it should have a central message.

You need to articulate this idea. Build your thesis based on the following characteristics

1.     Argumentative thesis characteristics

When writing your argumentative essay, you need to make sure you create a strong argumentative thesis. This type of thesis should make an assertion.

Ensure you create a clear and straightforward argumentative thesis statement. When your thesis is clear, your audience will have no doubt concerning your point of view.

Writing an assertive thesis statement depends on the type of argumentative essay you are working on. It also depends on the content of your paper.

An argumentative thesis statement should take a specific stand about your subject. This should apply when you are writing an Aristotelian or a classical argumentative paper.

A Rogerian argumentative paper is different. In this type of paper, your thesis statement should present both sides of the subject to the readers.

2.     Explanatory thesis characteristics

An explanatory thesis statement, also known as an expository thesis, announces your topic to your readers. It acts as a focusing tool.

It is not judgmental on the topic. You can perform research and check out explanatory thesis examples for insights into applying them in your paper.

3.     Analytical thesis characteristics

An analytical thesis breaks down information into smaller parts and analyzes them separately. It identifies relationships among these parts.

It also finds motives and causes of underlying assumptions of a subject. An analytical paper presents relevant evidence and examples to support such a thesis statement.

Tips for writing a strong thesis statement

When you are writing a thesis statement, you are interpreting a question or a subject. It should be specific and focused on one or three points of an idea.

These are the points you will discuss in the body section of your paper. You will support your thesis with evidence and relevant examples. The following are tips that will help you create a strong thesis.

1.     Make it specific

Write a thesis statement that focuses on a specific field of a general subject. Your thesis should not be too broad and unmanageable.

Narrow it down to what you can research and cover comprehensively. Make sure it presents a particular aspect of your subject.

2.     Write a precise thesis

Ensure your thesis makes an exact claim. Let it be accurate enough. Allow the arguments you present to be focused on the research paper topic. This will help you produce a focused and coherent paper.

3.     Create an arguable thesis

Depending on the type of paper you are writing, make your thesis arguable. An argumentative essay should have a thesis statement that can be refuted. Your thesis should take a stand that you will defend with examples and evidence.

4.     It should be demonstrated

Your thesis should state your opinion and support it with reasons and examples. You can use personal experiences or observations to support your thesis statement. You can also use credible external sources to show the validity of your thesis.

5.     Make your thesis assertive

Your paper should be forceful enough to show your readers you are making an argument. An assertive statement is authoritative and believable to your readers.

6.     Your thesis should show confidence

Make your thesis statement sound confident. For example, avoid using words like “I feel” or “I believe.

These words make your thesis sound weak. They imply you are the only one that feels or believes what you are saying.

Your thesis should be authoritative and confident enough so that readers can believe it. This makes your readers more receptive to what you have to say.

Pitfalls you should avoid when composing your thesis

A thesis statement is similar to a road map that guides the direction of your paper. Regardless of the types of thesis papers, you are writing, the goal of your thesis remains the same.

You should understand how to create a strong thesis. You should also know how to avoid creating weak ones. Below are pitfalls to avoid when composing your thesis statement.

1.     Do not describe your discussion

A weak thesis statement describes your discussion. This will not give direction to your writing. It is not specific, and it can fail to be brief.

2.     Avoid unreasonable claims

Your thesis should not make outrageous claims. When you are composing an argumentative thesis statement, avoid using disrespectful words to the opposing side.

Make sure your thesis is reasonable. This will make your readers open to listening to your arguments.

3.     Avoid using obvious statements

Do not make your thesis statement an obvious fact. Nobody can disagree with a fact. This makes your thesis ineffective and weak.

4.     Avoid a broad thesis

A broad thesis is weak. You cannot fully cover a broad thesis in your paper. Make it focused.

There are two major types of thesis. These are explanatory and argumentative thesis statements.

Understanding how to use these two types of thesis statements requires you to determine the type of essay you are working on. You can identify and explain the two types of thesis statements using essay examples.

This will give insight into how to use them before you start writing your paper. Other types of thesis are analytical a “working thesis”.

All thesis statements should be clear and concise. To learn more about types of thesis statements, contact our assignment help services.

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