155 best critical thinking essay topics for college students

155 best critical thinking essay topics for college students

Solving critical thinking essay assignments can be difficult among college students. This task becomes more daunting if you have to choose a topic for your critical essay. Knowing where to get the best critical thinking essay topics will make your work easier.

Before you begin writing your assignment, there are important things you need to know. In a critical thinking essay assignment, some professors will choose the topic for you while in others, you will have to do it by yourself.

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155 best critical thinking essay topics for college students
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You will be required to apply your critical thinking skills while solving this assignment. The aim of the assignment is to test whether you can apply the skills learned in solving problems.

Have you experienced any problems while doing critical essay assignments? You don’t have to worry anymore. This article has compiled the best critical thinking essay topics. You can choose one that interests you in doing your assignment.

What is a critical thinking essay?

This is a type of essay where you use critical thinking skills to analyze, understand, and interpret. It looks into an argument, a piece of literature, a social phenomenon or a historical event. This essay requires you to conduct thorough research as it uses facts and critical thinking. It is an assignment that improves your research skills.

To write a winning critical analysis essay requires a good topic. A good critical thinking essay topic should have a wide research base, be unique and one that interests you. The best analysis essay must contain a powerful thesis statement. It should analyze the question and provide the required answers.

Choosing an interesting topic is the beginning of writing a critical thinking essay. Your assignment must be within the scope of your topic. Select good critical thinking argumentative essay topics to have a smooth writing experience.

How to select the best critical thinking essay topics

Choosing the right topic for your essay will sometimes be difficult. Even when you possess a good list of topics, it becomes a hard task to select the right one for your essay. Having the skill to know which topic is best is a requirement when you are assigned this task.

Choose the right topic for your assignment requires you to do the following:


Books, internet sources, journals, magazines should be your best friend. They open the world for you. They reveal what happened, what is happening and what will happen. The more you read, the more the imagination, experience, questions and knowledge.

Choose a book of the genre you have some interest in. Read and ask yourself questions. These questions will help you in formulating good critical thinking essay topics for your assignment.

Look for unique resources

These are places you will get crafted themes for all types of essays. Choose an interesting theme that is not difficult to handle. Simple essay topics are interesting and motivate you.

Research the topic by looking into critical thinking essay topics examples. This will give you a list of advantages and disadvantages of choosing that topic. Weigh between such pros and cons to know whether the topic is worth writing for.

Chat with your friends

You can call your friends and discuss with them about different topics. It is necessary to call those friends who will understand why you need them. It is also a good idea to use friends with some knowledge of what you need to know.

If it’s about critical thinking essay topics about the world war, you can invite your granny or another elderly person. Friends with firsthand or less diluted information will give you correct data. This data is valid to be used when writing your critical essay.

If it’s a critical thinking essay question about various phases or changes that have happened over a long time, friends of different ages can help you. Ask them about their views and how the changes affect their lives.

Take a walk

Critical thinking essays can deal with politics, economy, agriculture, food, climate change and health. When assigned a task to write such an essay, take a walk as you gather data. Use topics such as problems in society, lifestyle, when gathering your data.

Talk to different people about their views on climate change, politics, economy, etc. Note down every person’s view. At the end of your walk, you will have lots of ideas on critical thinking essay topics you can write about.

Read magazines, journals, gazettes, listening and watching news, etc.

These are good sources of information. They analyze and describe real-life problems. They also give suggestions as to what solutions can be applied. When used in the correct way, they can be excellent sources of critical evaluation essay topics.

The following tips will help you to identify and select the right critical thinking essay topics for discussion:

  • Choose a simple but interesting topic that will get the attention of your readers
  • Choose a topic with a wide research base – this gives you enough resources to write your assignment
  • Select a topic that informs and interests your audience or professor
  • When you feel that a certain topic will not work for you, be free to change it early in the writing process
  • Choose a topic that will make it easier to present reasonable facts in your essay – not what you think
  • Ensure you have good sources of information where you will gather enough information about your essay topic
  • Analyze your chosen topic with your instructor first, then continue to the essay writing process
  • Conduct research on a number of critical thinking essay topics for debate before settling on your final topic – helps to get some knowledge from other authors

The following is a list of interesting topics for critical thinking essays you can use in your assignments.

Critical thinking essay topics for college students

  • How is the green campaign clean and effective in the United States?
  • Examination of a toy industry investigation
  • What are the factors affecting good eating habits?
  • Discuss the issues surrounding those who discovered America
  • Which are the largest social problems in current times?
  • How effective is advertising and why do industries use millions for advertisement?
  • Discuss video gaming and its effects on human health
  • Discuss the impact of drug abuse on teenagers
  • What ways can be used to combat cybercrimes including anonymity and identity theft?
  • Are there ways that can be used to counter poverty today?
  • What impact can a good teacher-student relationship have in society?
  • How effective is America’s economic structure?
  • Discuss changes in security and how they influence your daily lives
  • Is there a relationship between nature and politics? Discuss
  • Get the best TV show about the environment. Discuss its contribution to environmental conservation and its education significance

Critical thinking essay for students

  • Is homelessness the largest problem in society?
  • What are the effects of food industries on good eating habits?
  • Discuss the development of the automotive industries in Sweden
  • Discuss the rise and existence of the oil industry
  • How do humans influence climate change? Explain
  • Is there compatibility between capitalism and environmentalism?
  • A good man is difficult to get. Discuss
  • How does environmental pollution lead to the development of food allergies and other problems?
  • How is the law framework viable against drug abuse and trafficking?
  • Which are the best places to visit in the world?
  • Are there health problems with eating deep-fried foods?
  • Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of various education systems in the world
  • Using a realist aspect, Discuss the USA and its history
  • Who is your best book character?
  • Evaluate and discuss how elite people and crimes related to each other

Critical thinking essay topics about movies?

  • Analyze the persona of a comic book character dependent on its film transformation
  • What makes a decent and charming show series?
  • Investigate one of your first movies
  • Your number one film and assessment on it
  • Investigate the personality of Tiny Tim in Dicken’s The Christmas Carol
  • How secondary school is introduced in 21 Jump Street compared to the actual introduction?
  • Pick your first unscripted television series and inspect it
  • Assess a T.V. series that depends on a novel
  • What ways can be used to combat cybercrimes including anonymity and identity theft?
  • The Match Point” by Woody Allen
  • Pick a ‘stupid’ satire film and dissect thinking about its plot, characters, and state of mind
  • Compose a basic audit of a blood and gore flick you have observed
  • Direct a point-by-point investigation of extraordinary shows compared to other cooking shows in the UK
  • Topics that make an incredible TV series
  • How reasonable is Friday Night Lights?
  • What is the general “humor” depicted or utilized in broad communications today?

Critical Essay Topics about Literature

  • Basic examination of Ophelia’s person in Hamlet
  • How was dark humor used in the writing of the twentieth century?
  • How was Irony utilized in your number one traditional book?
  • Get some answers concerning the foundation of an author
  • Talk about the vital occasions from the book
  • Depict a basic exchange in a play or novel
  • Depict the optional legends of your number one book
  • What information is the author passing on?
  • The idea of social bad form in Oliver Twist
  • The incongruity and its show in old-style writing
  • The setting when the creator composed a piece of writing
  • Depict the tedious type of writing in a specific period
  • Investigate the principal character of a story
  • Investigate the principle thought of the book
  • At the point when a virtuoso author delivers some bad work

 Critical Thinking Essay Topics on Social Issues

  • Ups and downs of quality food
  • Talk about the issues surrounding good eating habits?
  • Portray how online media assumes a part in dissolving the social issues of today
  • Significance of learning social qualities
  • Clarify the web and public activity issues
  • Imbalance as far as abundance and pay are concerned
  • Style and its impact on the youths
  • Bigotry in the US policy framework
  • Restrictions in our general public
  • Current social qualities
  • Talk about why heftiness is an issue?
  • The effect of online media on psychological well-being
  • Bigotry in police requirement
  • Ups and downs of low-quality nourishment
  • Ups and downs of the legitimization of cannabis in the USA

Critical Thinking Argumentative Essay Topics

  • How schooling and innovation are connected?
  • A narrative from a book that you will always follow
  • Torment Night by Elie Wiesel
  • Significance of business venture
  • Approaches to further development of GDP
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the old-style film revamp
  • Analyze a change of an exemplary film
  • Sports on TV
  • Changing sexual orientation jobs
  • Air contamination in Beijing
  • Getting ready for a safari
  • Significance of religion
  • The most effective method to pick the better theme for my basic writing survey

Critical thinking Essay Topics about Health

  • Anti-toxins may cause weight increase
  • Unfortunate dietary patterns that cause malignancy
  • Benefits and challenges of E-health innovation
  • Ups and downs of medical coverage
  • Impacts of shoddy nourishment on your wellbeing
  • Food and disease
  • Emotional wellness and fat food
  • Advancement of food and different sensitivities
  • Expansion in medication and clinic costs
  • Significance of having a fair eating routine
  • Ups and downs of eating vegetables
  • Medical care supplier and confidence variety
  • reasons for dietary issues and stoutness

Critical Essay Topics about Environment

  • Examine the predominant contamination source in your city
  • The connection of society and nature as a framework
  • How biodiversity is in danger in the cutting-edge world
  • For what reason are world food assets declining?
  • Personal satisfaction and nature of the climate
  • Ecological security and natural dangers
  • Examine the marvel of environment displaced people.
  • Would we be able to invert a worldwide temperature alteration?
  • The Pros and cons of different energy types
  • Impacts and Control Measure of Nuclear Hazards
  • Inspect the various wellsprings of sustainable power
  • Impacts Of globalization on the climate
  • Examine the impacts of a worldwide temperature alteration
  • Examine forward-thinking advancements that assistance in lessening the natural contamination
  • World food issues and their consequences for the climate

Good topics for Critical thinking Essay

  • Effect of computer games on youngsters
  • Substance addiction among young people
  • Correspondence contrasts among people
  • Single-parent families
  • The productivity of the American monetary framework
  • Women’s activist philosophies in a piece of writing
  • Significance of indoor games
  • Does the size of a body influence an individual’s personal satisfaction?
  • Should cash be spent on space investigation?
  • Your worst character in a play
  • Examine the example of how nature is dynamic
  • Game in school
  • Changing sexual orientation jobs
  • Survivors of tormenting
  • Effects of innovation

Simple critical thinking essay topics examples

  • The good and evil in kids’ writing
  • Analyze the impact of a well-known TV series on the youth.
  • For what reason do individuals have fears?
  • Wrongdoing among neighbors
  • The scholarly show-stopper
  • Describe the relationship between various sex jobs
  • Various types of dependence among youngsters
  • The First Amendment
  • Capital sentences
  • Talk about how recorded figures are depicted in films
  • Plate Al Gore’s discourse on Global warming
  • Depict a static person
  • Canada’s First Nations
  • Banking speculation

In summary

To write a good critical thinking essay, you need to choose the best critical thinking essay topics. You have learned ways and tips for selecting good topics. You have also been provided with critical thinking essay topic examples to use in your essay.

For more information on critical thinking essay questions, contact the experts at homework writing for assistance.

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