Benefits of TCPTCP is set of protocols that grants permission to anyone Essay

Benefits of TCPTCP is set of protocols that grants permission to anyone that has a PC, modem and an internet connection to access and can distribute information on internet. It assures an in-order and dependable delivery of information from sender to receiver.TCP enables millions of transactions to take place in a day, without a drawback. It is a steady, well-defined, full set of protocols. TCP recovers the failure in a very good and efficient way. It can add more networks without disturbing or harming the previous ones.

It has the capability to handle large number of errors. Moreover, it offers it services to nearly every kind of programs as that of Windows, Macintosh, Unix etc. Throughout the delivering session, acknowledgements are used to examine if the data is delivered or not.TCP timersTCP make use of several timers to make sure that there must be no delays during the communications. These timers also determine the layer segments that are lost.

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Benefits of TCPTCP is set of protocols that grants permission to anyone Essay
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It waits for the acknowledgement and if it is not received within the certain period of time, the sender assumes that the packet did not reached its destination and has been lost in the path. Thus, the sender again sends a packet to the receiver. TCP flagsA flag is considered as predefined bit that has a value in the binary form. TCP has a total of six flags and each of the flag is one bit long:‚§ SYN ” (Synchronisation flag) Used to start a 3-way handshake among two hosts.‚§ ACK ” (Acknowledgement flag) Used to acknowledge the receipt of the data/packet.‚§ FIN ” (Finished Flag) Used to tell that the data is finished.‚§ URG ” (Urgent Flag) Used to inform the receiver to process the packets that are urgent by leaving the other packets.‚§ PSH ” (Push) It does the same tasks as that of URG as it says to refine the packets instead of buffering them.‚§ RST ” (Reset) It is the flag sent by receiver to the sender for sending unexpected packet.Three-way handshakeA three-way handshake is a process used in TCP/IP to build a link between client and server. It is also known as TCP handshake.Step 1. A connection is embarked by a clientIt transmits an ISN (Initial Sequence Number) to the destination. It also entrench a SYN flag to notify the TCP about the embarking a connection.Step 2. Server respondsA respond is received from the server with a SYN-ACK signal. ACK represents the reply of data it received and SYN represents the sequence number from which it wanted to start with.Step 3. Acknowledgement of server’s responseAt the end the client acknowledges the reply that was received by the server and a reliable connection is built by which the further exchange of data can take place.TCP Flow control TCP flow control means TCP will make sure that the amount of data sent by sender to the receiver is not over-flowing. The speed of the data transmission must be up to a limit so that the receiver can receive it and translate the data into its original form without any issues.The speed of sending the data can be reduced if the receiver stops sending or slowdowns the sending of acknowledgements back to the sender.References ” Suherman, Suwendri and Al-Akaidi, M. (2017). A review on transport layer protocol performance for delivering video on an adhoc network. IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, [online] 237, p.012018. Available at: (2017). Why Do We Need Transport Layer? – Blurtit. [online] Available at: (2018). Segmentation, Fragmentation and Reassembly. [online] Available at: (n.d.). About IP Addresses | The Journal of Immunology. [online] Available at: What Is a Socket?. (2019). The Java Tutorials. [online] Available at: GeeksforGeeks. (n.d.). Computer Network | User Datagram Protocol (UDP) – GeeksforGeeks. [online] Available at: Revolvy, L. (n.d.). “Stateless protocol” on [online] Available at: Parker, T. (2002). Overview of TCP/IP. [online] informIT. Available at: Uppal, S. (n.d.). Computer Network | TCP Timers – GeeksforGeeks. [online] GeeksforGeeks. Available at: KeyCDN. (1985). TCP Flags – KeyCDN Support. [online] Available at: GeeksforGeeks. (n.d.). Computer Network | TCP 3-Way Handshake Process – GeeksforGeeks. [online] Available at: Storti, B. (2017). TCP Flow Control. [online] Available at: Topic 8 ” Cloud Computing and MobileCloud computing is considered as an attempt of utilising the network of remote servers to upload, process and manage extra data, despite saving it on a PC’s hard-drive.By uploading the data to cloud, an individual can have access to his/her data from anywhere at any time.Cloud Storage servicesVarious companies are providing services of cloud storage like Microsoft’s OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Apple’s iCloud etc. These cloud storages are used all over the world by millions of people.Majority of the cloud storages provide free storages up to fixed limit. They offer extra storage by buying the premium version of the cloud storage of a particular company.The main idea of cloud storage is that a person will become independent from the physical resources like computer’s storage, USB sticks etc

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