Bc160401417SolutionQuestion No 1AnswerOn the basis of school Essay



Question No: 1


On the basis of school of thought functionalist school of thought I will support with reference to the family institute in Pakistan that reflects the desire to explain the mental and behavioural processes that aid the individual to adapt to the environment. The characteristics that defined functionalism would be discussed, along with a few concepts, such as the consciousness, that functionalists support.

The contribution of functional psychology to the broader field of psychology will look at the reasons of that the school of thought was adopted by psychologists even as its presence was diminished by the rise of behaviourism.

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Bc160401417SolutionQuestion No 1AnswerOn the basis of school Essay
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The evolution of psychology continues to include concepts of functionalism, one of the surviving building blocks of psychology.

Functionalists view education as one of the more important social institutions in a society. They

Contend that education contributes two kinds of functions: manifest (or primary) functions,

Which are the intended and visible functions of education; and latent (or secondary) functions,

Which are the hidden and unintended functions.

Question No:2


Living during a joint family has its own advantages that one cannot get during relatives. I bear in mind my childhood, during a joint family. My parents, their kids and my grandad. Those days area unit still existing in my mind as everyday we have a trend to won’t to get new experiences. Sharing was basic lesson, protect, love, care and fight for the family was our family’s core values.

All of us, together with kids, forever stood for every alternative whenever needed. Though fights now and then between our oldsters and typically among kids however that failed to break the bond that we shared. In vital things, all folks supported one another. As we have a tendency to grew up, thanks to our business my father and his brother began to have some variations living at totally different places created us unhappy as we have a tendency to wouldn’t be along 24 hours.

After they shifted, we have a tendency to were a relatives. papa wont to be busy at work, mamma in home stuff, my brother together with his friends and that i wont to surprise however life modified. One of my relation was simply a year elder to Pine Tree State, therefore we have a tendency to were like best friends. we have a tendency to hardly met as she got busy in her studies. That was the time once I lost somebody to share my feelings.

So, primarily during a relatives you are doing not have abundant individuals to move with as you can’t share everything together with your oldsters. that is one reason individuals get depressed. Also, in joint families, you reside with those who have totally different smart and unhealthy qualities, therefore it primarily will increase your perseverance. So, in my purpose of read a joint family is healthier than a nuclear one


1.) You get your cousins as your first best friends. You can discuss anything with them as the understand you and your family better than others.

2.) There are times when all the cousins gather together and your grandparents tell you stories (including fairy tales, ghost stories, your parents crazy childhood etc.). Knowing the childhood of your parents and all your uncles and aunts makes you feel even closer to them.

3.) When you are scolded by your parents there will be people to console you and make you feel better all the time.

4.) Huge amount and variety of mouth watering food is cooked. (Even the same meal tastes different when different people cook.)

5.) If you need something tell anyone and you will get it. ( Want something and parents refused, no problem uncle got it.)

6.) Want permission to go somewhere just butter your grandmom and you are all set. Parents don’t refuse your grandparents.)

7.) The atmosphere during festivals is very sky high exciting. Preparation for the festival, food, gifts, late night talks and the excitement cannot even be described. Even the smallest occasions are celebrated beautifully.

8.) Sometimes you have to convince some of your family members on some issues which improves your convincing skills.

9.) Sometimes they will stop you from doing something with high risk. If you really want to try something new, you will have to go against them to prove that you can do it. It will boost your self confidence and self esteem.

10.) You learn adjusting with so many people. This will help you further in life.

11.) You have to tolerate many unnecessary fights and arguments which makes you very patient.

12.) You always stay close to your culture and traditions.

13.) You can trust all the people around you. Everyone loves you unconditionally.

Family will motivate you in all aspects of life and will always be there when you need them.

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