Argument Paper Rough Draft

Argument Paper Rough Draft

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Argument Paper Rough Draft
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Assignment Files

Now that you have outlined your paper, it is time to start your rough draft. A rough draft should expand on the ideas you included in your outline, and should include introduction and conclusion paragraphs as well as transitional statements between topics in your body paragraphs. This rough draft will compile all the content for your paper in a cohesive manner, and present your full argument.

It is important to think about how to integrate the research you have gathered into your paper. You have a voice, and your voice matters. The research you have found should be used to provide support to your voice and your argument. Extensive quotations or even paraphrased text are not always appropriate or helpful. You should try to limit these to no more than three to five instances throughout your paper. Use the learning activities, discussions, and resources from the Center for Writing Excellence to assist you with appropriately creating and using in-text citations to acknowledge where you have integrated your research within your rough draft.

Write your Argument Paper Rough Draft using the APA Paper Template. Your paper should be 700 to 1,050 words.

Create robust body paragraphs to present your full argument by expanding on the topics in your outline.

Ensure each body paragraph has a topic sentence.
Incorporate the research you have gathered to support your argument.
Make your best attempt at formatting in-text citations and a reference page, which you will learn more about in Week 4. You may use the Reference and Citation Generator to help you construct your citations and references.

Create an introduction paragraph that includes your thesis statement and introduces your reader to the main topics included in your paper.

Create a conclusion paragraph to bring your paper to a close.

Ensure your paper includes the following elements prior to submission:

A title page
An introduction paragraph with a thesis statement that clearly states your argument.
APA-formatted level 1 headings for each main topic
A topic sentence to begin each body paragraph under each main topic
No more than three to five instances of paraphrased or directly quoted material integrated throughout the paper, followed by the appropriate APA-formatted citation
A conclusion paragraph
A reference page with a reference listing for a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources

Access the Center for Writing Excellence on eCampus and utilize the Grammar Checking Tools and the Plagiarism Checker to review your paper. Review and apply any recommended changes.

Refer to the Argument Paper Rough Draft Grading Guide for additional details on how this assignment is graded.

Submit your Argument Paper Rough Draft to the Assignment Files tab.

Argument Paper Rough Draft Grading Guide


Expert Answer

Argument Paper Rough Draft




Drones have been one of the most controversial topics in the United States in the last decade. The question of whether drones should be adopted as a method of security surveillance, war, or delivery systems in the United States has featured in many political decisions and in various media platforms. There exists a group of people who believe that drones are not a good idea, while another group believes that drones would improve the security of the country (Mulrine, 2015). Numerous misconceptions cloud people’s minds, making them oppose the use of drones in the United States. It is important to discuss the issue of using drones for security surveillance and other operations in order to deal with the common misconceptions about drones flying over the United States and explain why their use would be beneficial to the country and its citizens. Drones provide a great opportunity for security agencies, such as the United States military, to improve how they conduct their operations. With the use of drones on the battlefield, there will be lesser cases of casualties and the military would be able to launch strikes that are more effective.

New surveillance and delivery systems that use drones have the capability of cutting down costs and increasing efficiency in the United States. It is wrong to dismiss the use of drones as delivery mechanisms, methods of surveillance, and as weapons in the United States just because people fail to realize the actual capabilities of drones and the benefits that they offer. The common misconceptions about drones build up because people lack knowledge about what drones are and how they are used. A drone is basically a remote-controlled aircraft which can be utilized to survey a region, deliver supplies, and conduct stealth missions. People tend to think of drones as machines meant to kill without caring who they are attacking, which is not true. The use of drones by security agencies in the United States will improve security and the lives of people in the nation by providing a better method of security surveillance and new methods of provision of assistance.

Benefits of Drones

The use of drones in the United States will improve surveillance for security purposes. Many of the drones used in the United States are designed exclusively for surveillance purposes. According to Bürkle (2009), miniature drones are used for the purposes of surveillance and reconnaissance. While many people associate the word “drone” with the image of a military-grade predator used in the execution of air strikes, a huge percentage of the total drones manufactured in the United States are quadrocopters – smaller, lighter, battery-powered drones that have capabilities of flying for ten to thirty minutes. These miniature drones are built for the purpose of taking aerial images or videos and not for warfare purposes. These drones are used for purposes such as filming and for leisure activities as toys. The security of the state would definitely be improved through aerial surveillance of different high-crime regions.

A majority of the drones used in the United States are specifically designed for military offensive operations. Drones are used in the United States for military offensive and reconnaissance operations (Mulrine, 2015). Wartime capabilities of drones will provide for fewer casualties and strikes that are more effective. Contrary to people’s belief that military drone pilots use a “push-button” kind of thinking during an attack, the decision on whether to carry out a drone strike is actually totally similar to that made when using a manned aircraft. Targets for military strikes are surveyed for several days, sometimes weeks. After that, data is compiled using high-resolution cameras capable of capturing images and recording videos from very high altitudes and speeds. The compiled data containing information on the expected damage and the strike’s effectiveness is analyzed to determine whether the strike should be taken and the legality of the action. There is always a large professional team tasked with making such decisions. In some cases, a drone strike is better than a strike undertaken using a manned aircraft as drones are more accurate and lead to little or no collateral damage.

Drones can be used for surveillance in residential areas and public places such as malls (Thompson, 2012). Drones significantly cut down the costs of routine aerial surveillance in the community. For example, people charged with the inspection of buildings for code violations would achieve more efficiency and accuracy by using drones to inspect buildings and identify minor infractions. Drones make surveillance easy. Even though street cameras are not expensive, drones have the advantages of being mobile and have capabilities that go beyond recording audio and video. A surveillance drone can detect whether people are armed. A drone may also intercept electronic communication, produce thermal images, and detect chemical signatures given off by marijuana, for instance. If a state considered placing cameras with such capabilities on each street corner, it would be very expensive. One drone can do all that around a community, improving security.

The use of drones in the United States will result in effective emergency response during emergencies, saving lives. Drones that are outfitted with special thermal imaging cameras provide emergency response teams with a unique solution for the identification of disaster victims who are difficult to spot using the naked eye. Hofmann (2017) discusses how a Land Rover with a surveillance drone assists the Red Cross in saving lives during disaster assistance. The customized automobile, dubbed “Project Hero”, was designed by Land Rover to assist the Austrian Red Cross humanitarian body. The company has, over the years, been supplying the Red Cross with vehicles for search and rescue. The Project Hero automobile is a Land Rover Discovery car designed with a drone system that is structured to augment the car’s dependable frame with top-notch information gathering capabilities for search and rescue activities in remote and stressful regions and environs.

Organizations, companies, and education institutions are designing drone systems that are intended for search and rescue. Starr (2014) gives an example of an ambulance drone that is used to deliver assistance to heart attack victims. Through the extension of the existing emergency infrastructure in the United States, drones may be able to increase the survival rates of victims in both rural and urban areas.


In the United States, the major concerns with the use of drones are the possibility of attacks and privacy concerns. A lot of people are worried that drones will be used to attack their homes or invade their privacy. Even though such concerns are reasonable, it is important to note that drones flying within the United States will not be the lethal “Reapers” used by the military, but simpler drones for entertainment and surveillance purposes. People should be informed about the different types of drones and on the various benefits that drones provide. An outright ban on drones would not be right since there is a lot that drones can be used in the community. The government needs to address privacy concerns, but banning drones would not be a good step. There are drones used for filmmaking, like toys, for entertainment, and others for security surveillance, benefits that would not be enjoyed if drones are banned in the United States. The use of drones by security agencies in the United States promises to improve security and the lives of people in the country through the provision of a better method of security surveillance and new methods of provision of assistance.


Bürkle, A. (2009, September). Collaborating miniature drones for surveillance and reconnaissance. In Unmanned/Unattended Sensors and Sensor Networks VI (Vol. 7480, p. 74800H). International Society for Optics and Photonics.

Hofmann, T. (2017, March 14). Project Hero Land Rover Discovery designed to help Red Cross save lives. Retrieved March 01, 2019, from

Mulrine, A., (2015). Drones over America: Public safety benefit or ‘creepy’ privacy threat? Domestic Surveillance, n/a.

Starr, M. (2014, October 29). Ambulance drone delivers help to heart attack victims. Retrieved March 01, 2019, from

Thompson, R. M. (2012, September). Drones in domestic surveillance operations: Fourth amendment implications and legislative responses. Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress.

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