APA Annotated Bibliography 2_3_2019 Essay


Annotated Bibliography

Badkhen, A. (2018). An Anatomy of Lostness. ?World Literature Today ?, ?92 ?(6), 36.

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APA Annotated Bibliography 2_3_2019 Essay
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This article presents a study of dislocation developed by the AARP ethics committee in

2015. The standards are summarized, and a brief discussion is included of the

implications going forward for loneliness and isolation. The author indicates that a

disconnection from a person’s emotions forces others away by a display of awkwardness

and slight aggression. This aggression is due to the desire to fit in or be liked. However,

many feelings can be produced when a person projects their desires and does not receive

their want. This generates feelings of hate, anguish, and even laziness to reconnect. This

is a helpful source for getting an overview of the current emotional status in an individual

without bias provided by Anna Badkhen who in 2018 was awarded the Barry Lopez

Visiting Writer in Ethics and Community Fellowship.

Dickey, M. (2004). The impact of web-logs (blogs) on student perceptions of isolation and

alienation in a web-based distance-learning environment.

?Open Learning ?, ?19 ?(3),


In this article, Dickey carefully demonstrates the art of connecting to a large group, and

how it is reflected in forms and elements of people who desire to connect. Dickey

analyzes the state of indifference by trying to promote the use of computer-mediated

technologies for both traditional and distance learning, relatively little research has been

conducted about learner feelings of isolation, alienation, and frustration. With the new

development of technologies such as weblogs (blogs), people are provided with a diverse

set of tools to connect with others who have feelings of isolation. The purpose of this


investigation is to test the effect of a blog in a learning environment. The case study was

applied to students ranging from K-12, creating an interesting display of two separate

groups, behavior and instinct. Upon further analysis, the information gathered from the

case study indicated that people who use different forms of communication are less likely

to feel the symptoms of isolation. This article will be very useful for individuals who plan

to explore their apathy through the studies and guidance of an online experience without

face to face interference. This is a helpful source for providing a solution to social

disconnection provided by Michele Dickey who in 2009 won the Faculty Innovator

Award from the University Systems of Ohio.

Helbig, L. S., Rusch, S., & Lincoln, T. M. (2015). Emotion Regulation Difficulties in Social

Anxiety Disorder and Their Specific Contributions to Anxious Responding. ?Journal of

Clinical Psychology ?, ?71 ?(3), 241–249.

The central theme of this article is to review the conflict associated with people who

display suppressed emotions. This report allows the general public to learn about the

issues that individuals experience as well as possible assistance to those in need of help.

In this examination, researchers theorize that emotion regulation (ER) difficulties are

related to psychopathology. The present study sought to identify patterns of ER

difficulties in social anxiety disorder (SAD) and to test the future value of these

difficulties for harmful intentions. This is a helpful source for providing a scientific

theory behind emotional disconnection. This source is trusted due to its unbiased

information and that this information has been proven reliable by Wiley Periodicals.


Rodzvilla, J. (2018). Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of

Isolation. ?Library Journal ?, ?143 ?(18), 75–76. Retrieved from

In this brief analysis, Rodzvilla investigates the perceptions of digital communication

platforms and face to face interactions. He argues that today’s workers are more stressed,

less loyal, and technology dependent. While digital platforms and devices have supported

remote working, powered the gig economy and enhance our collaboration, they have

simultaneously made the workplace less productive and made workers feel increasingly

isolated. Numerous research studies have found that employees desire for in-person

interactions and relationships that give a sense of accomplishment and meaning to their

work lives. A previous study conducted by Harvard Business Review, a professor

discovered that a single face-to-face interaction is 34 times more popular. This source is

beneficial by providing the difference between how “normal” people respond to

interactions and the main character in The Stranger with an unbiased opinion. Rodzvilla

is a trusted source by being a New York Times bestselling author, Partner and Research

Director at Future Workplace, and the Founder of both Millennial Branding and


Understanding loneliness. (2017). ?New Scientist ?, ?235 ?(3135), 34. Retrieved from

This article presents a study of loneliness and solitude developed by the AARP ethics

committee in 2017. The main idea of this paper is that “Loneliness” expresses the of

feeling alone and “solitude” expresses the satisfaction of being alone. Loneliness is a

debilitating psychological condition. It is identified by a heavy sense of emptiness and


inadequacy. On the other hand, physical isolation can impose feelings of isolation or

loneliness. This source is beneficial by providing a clear psychological view of how

certain people choose to be alone, while others simply can’t help it. This article is a

trusted source by coming from a website who only allow professors of psychiatry and

behavioral neuroscience backgrounds to post information. The information that is posted

undergoes a fact check to provide credibility.

Vargheese, J. P., Sripada, S., Masthoff, J., & Oren, N. (2016). Persuasive Strategies for

Encouraging Social Interaction for Older Adults. ?International Journal of

Human-Computer Interaction ?, ?32 ?(3), 190–214.

This article analyses a significant isolation challenge among older adults in which

persuasion offers a potential solution. To develop a persuasive interactive system for this

purpose, a modeling study was conducted by IJHI with carers to discover how persuasion

is used to encourage social interaction among older adults. This article concludes that

adults have a higher chance of being social when confronted or forced into a place of

gathering. Although one might not desire such a situation; studies showed that people

who were forced to talk began to speak to more than one person. This is a helpful source

for providing a solution to adult isolation. This source is trusted due to its unbiased

information that has been proven reliable by the International Journal of

Human-Computer Interaction, a database that uses computer systems to update and check

information posted on government-funded websites.

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