Answer 3 of the 4 four questions in this section

Answer 3 of the 4 four questions in this section. Answer each question below the question. Create appropriate spacing between the end of a question and the beginning of your response.

NOTE: If a question asks for a specific number of things, do not provide more than that number. If you are asked to list and discuss or describe something, you will not get many points for simply providing a list. Cite relevant course readings, including research findings, to support your answers. 

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Answer 3 of the 4 four questions in this section
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Organize your responses to the questions so that someone reading them can clearly identify EACH point that you make, especially when you are asked to discuss or describe more than one thing. For example, if you are asked to discuss three reasons that you took this course, a good approach would be:

Three reasons I took this course are:

(i) Reason 1: List and discuss Reason 1;

(ii) Reason 2: List and discuss Reason 2; and

(iii) Reason 3: List and discuss Reason 3.

That way, you can self-check that you have provided the required number of reasons, and someone reading your work can also clearly identify the three reasons that you have discussed.


Q26. (a) Discuss three of the principal stages in the development and implementation of CRM systems and processes in organizations; and

(b) Discuss three challenges that companies might encounter in their efforts to develop and implement CRM systems and processes. In Part a, write at least 3 sentences about each stage; and in Part b, write at least 3 sentences about each challenge. (25 points)

Q27. A company that is interested in understanding the impact of its organizational environment on the effectiveness of its customer relationship strategy has asked for your advice. It wants you to:

(a) Discuss three elements of the human factor in the company that have an impact on CRM development and implementation; then

(b) Discuss three elements of the organizational environment that impact development and implementation of CRM in the company. In each part of the question, write at least 3 sentences about each element, and do not provide just generalizations; provide information specific to this company, which you should identify and briefly describe. (25 points)

Q28. Assume that a company for which you are a consultant has asked you to discuss relationship marketing with it. The company wants you to do the following:

(a) List and discuss three factors that indicate to its customers that it lacks a relationship marketing orientation; and

(b) List and discuss three reasons that consumers may not respond favorably to its relationship marketing efforts. Write at least 3 sentences about each factor and each reason. (25 points)

Q29. Internal marketing has become an important aspect of company’s relationship marketing efforts.

(a) List and discuss three reasons that companies should aim to develop and implement effective internal marketing strategies; then

(b) List and discuss three ways in which an organization of your choice (name the organization) can build and enhance employee commitment to the organization. In Part a, write at least 3 sentences about each factor; and in Part b write at least 3 sentences about each reason. (25 points)



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