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(The concept of moveable smartphones)

Version 1.0


Syed Taha Zahir Bokhari CU/SP18-BCS-157/ISB

Syed Mohammad Murtaza CU/SP18-BCS-156/ISB


Mr. Tehseen Riaz Abbasi

Submission Date: (01-11-2019)

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (2018-2022)


No. Comment Action


Supervisor Signature



Abstract 4

1. Introduction 4

2. Problem Statement 4

3. Problem Solution for Proposed System 4

4. Related System Analysis/Literature Review 4

5. Advantages/Benefits of Proposed System 5

6. Scope 5

7. Modules 5







7.7 CAMERA 6




8. System Limitations/Constraints 6

9. Software Process Methodology 6

10. Design Methodology 7

11. Tools and Technologies 7

12. Project Stakeholders and Roles 7

13. Team Members Individual Tasks/Work Division 8

14. Data Gathering Approach 8

15. Concepts 8

16. Gantt chart 9

17. Mockups 9

18. Conclusion 11

19. References 11

20. Plagiarism Report 11


Project category:

Problem solving and Artificial Intelligence

1. Abstract

We are going to make Smart AI glasses which will implement the concept of Augmented Reality.

It will allow us to use our smartphone activities without having the actual smartphone, instead, we will be wearing glasses through which we will be able to communicate, surf over the browser and perform various activities without using our hand. It is a modern-era concept that delivers huge comfort and a different computing experience.

1. Introduction

The purpose of this document is to gather and organize as much information as we can about our project of Smart Ai Glasses. This document will help us to know the scope of this work; whether it is applicable or not. Moreover, it will enlighten its features like feasibility, maintainability etc.

2. Problem Statement

Our software will wave out the issue of the fatigue of carrying smartphones with us. We are making this software as it will compress all possible and required elements into one lightweight device. It will enhance user comfort to a new level. This technology is relatively new but still a lot of work has been done on it but we will overcome some of it flaws like greater transformation time and affordability.

3. Problem Solution for Proposed System

The already existing smart glasses are using electricity as their main power source which makes them costly for maintenance. We will use solar cells in the glass frame which will reside a battery in it to store the energy fetched from sunlight for night use. Moreover, this product will work on the better response time for the transformation between transparent screen and the user interface. Graphite will be used to avoid breaking.

4. Related System Analysis/Literature Review

Here are some of the existing systems of our domain of project. Their weaknesses and solutions to them are given.

Table 1: Related System Analysis with proposed project solution

Application Name Weakness Proposed Project Solution

Everysight Raptor It is only available in Israel and other country users may have to import it. We will start the production from Pakistan but gradually we will take it worldwide.

ODG R-7 They are extremely costly as they cost your $2750. We will make the initial and maintenance cost low.

Kopin SOLOS Not waterproof. We will make our products more resistant and waterproof.

5. Advantages/Benefits of Proposed System

The advantages of the proposed system will be:

? Better response time between the transformation of transparent screen and user interface.

? Lesser initial cost.

? Easy maintenance.

? Not fragile.

? Fast in working.

6. Scope

This software will enable us to have a smartphone experience while wearing glasses which will look normal. They will work on Retina Scanning and Voice Recognition. A great user level comfort will be provided through a friendly user interface. It will allow to make calls, messages etc. Moreover, it will also allow us to listen to music, watch movies and navigate our way. The hard graphite will avoid the fragility of it. This software involves the concept of AI and AR (Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality). Initially we will develop this for use in Pakistan as our copyrights but gradually, we will enhance to it worldwide usage.

7. Modules

Our software will have the following modules for its functionality and implementation.


The voice recognition module will provide us with the features of Language selection, accent selection and pairing voice with the device. Commands will be voice-based.


This module will have features like log in/register, scrolling/swiping, inactivity and taking screenshot if the sleep time reaches to a specific time.


Log in and sign up will be the main features in this module. The person will log in through his retina and sign up if not registered already.


It will allow to save files, find some app through voice, access files etc.


Calls and messages service will be provided through this module. The user will be able to communicate through voice commands.


It will contain entertainment plus NAV apps. The user will be able to track his way while listening to the music.


Camera in the smart glass will allow the user to take photographs and videos of what he desires. It will stored in memory.


This module will encapsulate all the data residing in the glass.


A setting menu will be maintained for the user so he can access various apps through app store as it will have an Android OS. It will also have the device info in it with an About icon carrying information about the device.


Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity will be provided to the user so he can connect to other devices for work and fun purposes.

8. System Limitations/Constraints

The constraints of the system include:

? Low production rate in the start

? This system will only be compatible with Android OS and not any other operating systems.

? More amount of components might make it a little heavier to wear.

9. Software Process Methodology

Incremental Software Model will be used in the development of this software. Its iterative nature will help us to make some features in the first iteration os SDLC and then gradually more and

more features in the ongoing iterations of SDLCs.

10. Design Methodology

We will use Object-oriented approach as our design methodology. We are using this as it will help us build various number of classes and interlink them. Moreover, it will help in the maintainability of the software produced.

11. Tools and Technologies

The Tools and technologies used for the development of this software are

Table 2: Tools and Technologies for Proposed Project




Tools Version Rationale

Vuforia 2015 Android

MaxST 2015 Android

Adobe Photoshop CSC 6 Designing

MS Word 2015 Documentation

MS Power Point 2015 Presentation

Pencil 2.0.5 Mockups Creation

Technology Version Rationale

Java 8.4 Programming language

SQL 2014 Query Language

Html/Node JS 5 Web Development

12. Project Stakeholders and Roles

Write down the project stakeholders and their roles.

Table 3: Project Stakeholders for Proposed Project

Project Sponsor COMSATS University, Islamabad.

Stakeholder The stakeholders of this project are:

? Syed Taha Zahir Bokhari & Syed Muhammad Murtaza Zaidi

? Project Supervisor: Mr. Tehseen Riaz Abbasi

? Evaluation committee

13. Team Members Individual Tasks/Work Division

Table 4: Team Member Work Division for Proposed Project

Student Name Student Registration Number Responsibility/ Modules

Syed Taha Zahir Bokhari SP18-BCS-157 I have worked on the first half of the headings and I decided Module 1-5.

Database and Pencil.


Syed Muhammad

Murtaza Zaidi

SP18-BCS-156 I have worked on the headings after 10

And module 6-10.

Java and Adobe.

14. Data Gathering Approach

We have gathered data from research done on Google. Moreover, we have consulted our teachers for some information and an Instagram page of Asad J Malik.

Requirements were gathered from generating Questionnaires and having students to fill them up.

15. Concepts

The key concepts used are:

15.1. Augmented Reality: We have used this concept as it will give our users a computer generated image of the world thus will provide a composite view.

15.2. Voice recognition: The smart glass we have made will use voice recognition to take commands and execute them.

15.3. Retina scanning: The log in and recognizing the user process will involve the concept of retina scanning.

15.4. OOP: The approach of object-oriented programming is used as it will help us build our software and maintain it well across different classes.

16. Gantt chart

The Gantt chart created for the software process to show the time durations is as below.

17. Mockups

Mockup 1

Mockup 2

Mockup 3

18. Conclusion

Hence the Smart AI Glass will allow us to use our smartphone activities without having the actual smartphone, instead, we will be wearing glasses through which we will be able to communicate, surf over the browser and perform various activities without using our hand. This technology will be implemented soon around the globe and use of smartphones will reduce.

19. References

20. Plagiarism Report

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