Advanced Network Technologies

Bachelor of Computer and Information Sciences

School of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences

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Advanced Network Technologies
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COMP714 Advanced Network Technologies

Semester 2

Weight: 12%



Due Date: Week 11 and 12

Objective: To investigate the performance of a Gigabit backbone network under wired and wireless network scenarios by varying the number of nodes (client or host).

Fig. 1. Wired and wireless network scenario

Generic Steps

The general steps that you should follow:

  • Develop a network model for the network with 250 meters as a communication range and 500 x 500 m2 as size (area) of the network using OMNeT++ simulator.
  • Setup a configuration for each scenario.
  • Run the simulation and collect the results of each scenario.
  • Validate the results.
  • Analyze the results and write your report.


Three main scenarios are to be considered as follows.

  • Wired Network Scenario

This scenario studies the effect of increasing the number of nodes on network performance. The number of wired nodes varies from 10 to 100 at each subnetwork. Here, no wireless nodes are included. 

  • Wireless Network Scenario

This scenario studies the effect of increasing the number of nodes on network performance. The number of wireless nodes varies from 10 to 100 at each subnetwork. Here, no wired nodes are included.

  • Hybrid Network Scenario
  • This scenario studies the effect of increasing the number of nodes on network performance. The number of nodes varies from 10 to 100 at each Here, both wired and wireless nodes are included, as shown in the Fig. 1.

For each scenario, two types of traffics should be considered, namely, FTP and video streaming.

[Hint: FTP uses TCP, and hence TCPBasicClientApp and TCPGenericSrvApp can be used for FTP client and server respectively. Video streaming uses UDP, and hence UDPVideoStreamCli, UDPVideoStreamSvr can be used as video stream client and server.]

Performance Metrics

Select the most appropriate performance metrics like throughput, packet delays, jitter, collision count, packets received and packets sent, etc. for each type of traffics and justify which scenario you are considering (FTP or Video Streaming).

Simulation Results Validation

Ensure that your simulation results are valid (i.e. correct). You can use various methods/techniques to validate your results (read some literature on simulation model validation techniques).

Comparative Study

Compare the network performance under each scenario. Using tables and/or graphs (MS Excel or Matlab), summarise your simulation results to make a meaningful conclusion. This is your opportunity to explore things to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge and understanding of the assignment that you have done.

Write Your Report

Write a final report including descriptions for each scenarios, performance metrics, comparative study/results; give a demo. In the following page, you can find the expected report format.  

Report Format

Cover page: Assignment title, student’s name, and ID

Introduction: What, why and how? – Begin your report with a clear objective (What!) of your assignment. Explain why this study is needed and how you have completed it. Outline the structure of the rest of the report.

Modelling the network: Describe the model that you have developed using appropriate screenshots for models and subnet (hint: avoid unnecessary screenshots).

Results and Analysis: Summarise your simulation results using tables and/or graphs (Excel or Matlab graphs) and provide a comparative analysis. Explain how you validated your model/results.

Lesson learned: Write a paragraph or two, reflecting on your own learning.

Conclusion: Summarise the main findings and future research direction

References: List at least 5 references that you have used in the report.

Report Length: (8 – 12 pages)

Spacing: 1.5

Font: 11 Times New Roman.

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