Acknowledgement Essay


I would like to express my special thanks to the Managing Director of Daxel Pro, Mr. Daren Cunairun, who gave me the propensity of working in his organisation and add to my knowledge. I would also like to thank Mr. Cunairun, for taking my responsibility throughout this internship as he is giving me a lot of time and sharing his working experiences with me. His guidance is helping me to understand work culture, work ethics as well as the techniques of dealing with Co-workers.

I would equally seize the opportunity to thank my parents and friends who helped me to find an organisation to do my internship. Moreover, I would like to thanks my colleagues for helping to adjust in the working environment. would also like to express my gratitude towards my Programme Coordinator Mrs. Ladkoo for her support and my supervisor Mr. Ashley Seebaluck who will be our guidance during this internship as this internship program is necessary in my Course.

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Acknowledgement Essay
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Executive Summary

This internship report highlights on the work experience that I have gathered in my one-month work experience at Daxel Pro Ltd. This report also shed light on the services that the organisation provide to their customers. Moreover, details about the mission, vision and objectives of the organisation is elaborated.

This report incorporates about the facilities and services that Daxel Pro Ltd provide to their customers as well as employees. Additionally, I have provided details about the company. Details about the mission, vision and goals of the company has been highlighted in this report. I have prepared this report based on my observation and the experience that I have gathered in this one-month Internship. The organization’s focus is mainly on the employee and customer satisfaction. I was posted in the administrative section where I had to deal with paperwork and keeping records of all the task being performed in the organisation. In this report, I have mentioned about the works I have completed. I have learned the one must inculcate while working. I have also elaborated on the goals I have target to achieve during my internship. This report also comprises of my attendance sheet of the month of July.

All in all, this report is all about the activities I have been doing in the month of July. It elaborates on my experience and things I have learn so far. Besides, details about what I aim to achieve in the future is discussed in this report.

Overview of the company

It was founded on the 12th October 2012 by the Managing Director, Mr. Daren Cunairun. Daxel Pro Ltd is situated at Port Louis Kinoo Square. Daxel is also situated at Port Louis Medine Mews. Nowadays, printing and photocopy services are a must. Everyone wants to keep a copy of their important documents as a safety measure. This service has become a must in the modern world. Daxel Pro Ltd is an experienced print company. It is a company fully equipped with their machines providing customer service in terms of photocopy, printing, binding, lamination, preparation of wedding cards, pamphlets, leaflets, business cards, banners and flex. It equally provides the services in terms of photos for instance, Rock Photo, wood lamination as well as photo frames. Besides, Daxel Pro Ltd has a professional Graphic designer to work on all types of designs which help to meet customer demands. The company also provide multiple printed products such as business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, flyers, invitations, labels, business forms, booklets, presentation folders and copy printing. It is also known for large format printing for banners, posters and custom-made signs.

The knowledge and expertise of the employees help to add value to the company. Ideas and solutions are given to individual client to be able to meet individual needs. The company keep good business relation with its equipment suppliers and paper distributors to be able to offers its product on a competitive price and to always e ahead competitors. The graphic artworks are given to the client in case they want to recreate the same design in a different way later on. The focal point of their marketing strategy is direct face to face contact with their clients. Besides, Daxel Pro Ltd also uses online marketing to market its business. The most important thing that a client looks for in a service are knowledge, reliability, pricing, high quality and jobs to be completed on time and the company ty its best to meet those unspoken needs of its client. Daxel Pro Ltd sales strategy is very simple and straightforward. They believe that Happy customer will be repeat customers and act as word of mouth and this will help them to get more customers.

Daxel Pro Ltd also provide all types of facilities like taking order online, by telephone or even by mail. Facilities like delivery is also provided by the company. They have their own poster fixer, in this case the person giving his orders for poster or banner do not have to look for another person to fix it for them. In case a client is busy and unable to come personally to place his or her order, the company are willing to take the orders by email. Moreover, preservation facility is also provided by the company by giving and advance for the product. For any graphic facility and modification of design the customer has to take appointment with the graphic designer. The designs are modified according to the taste and preference of the client.

Overall, the company works not only for profit but in the interest of public as well. I expect to learn a lot of interesting things under the supervision of my supervisor. As a whole, the company provide all types of services in terms of prints.

Mission Statement

The Mission statement of Daxel Pro Ltd is to serve all its customers accurately ad in a proficient manner by providing excellent customer service.


To be remembered as the best company that provides outstanding service.


Increase profitability and sales

Cut cost

Improve customer satisfaction

To be able to meet the changing needs and demands of customers

Increase employee skills

Increase customer loyalty

My Goals

Before starting my internship, I had set up some goals to achieve. By setting goals, I will be able to measure my success and record my improvements. My goals are as follows:

Firstly, to complete my internship successfully as expected by the university.

To be able to learn professional technique

To improve communication skills and strengthen professional relationships

To be able to gain new experiences in work field

To be able to expand my knowledge and assimilate as much as I can on a professional basis

To be able to manage stress level efficiently and instill confidence in myself in whatever work I am doing.

To be able to improve my relationship with public and learn he marketing skills.

To improve team work and learn to cooperate with teams

To develop patience while dealing with complicated clients.

Task Assigned

File The documents

The first week I was given the task of handling the papers. I had to separate the customer and supplier documents. Most importantly, I had to arrange them in alphabetic order to prevent any confusion. Besides, I had to separate important papers and secure them with paperclips. Moreover, I was taught how to organize invoices and receipts. Furthermore, I was assigned the task of taking a glance at the papers then show it to the supervisor, in case the papers were not important I had to shred them. Under the supervision of the supervisor, I was also asked to separate the uncompleted works from the completed ones to avoid any confusion. For a better control of the works I organized the documents by dates as it will help to have a complete control on the works. It will also help us to keep proper record and help us to complete the work on time.

Photocopy and Scanning

After arranging the papers in an orderly manner, I had to do photocopy of the important documents and keep them in a different file as an evidence of work. I had to print the important documents that needed to be store in the important files. Additionally, I had to scan the important documents such as payment received by important clients, receipts received by suppliers and important invoices. In case of the absence of a staff, I was asked to work in their behalf and I was doing photocopy and printing

Organising Folders

Organising work in a proper way is very important for future reference and as an evidence. After completing my paperwork, I had to organize the folders properly. First and foremost, I had to create new folders for Leaflets design, premiere communion designs, banners design and wedding card designs. Besides, I had to separate designs that was already done and put it in a folder. The one that had not been completed had to be in another folder. Moreover, I had to rename the files as listed by the supervisor. Besides, I had to organize the folders by dates also to have a better control and to avoid any loss of documents and it help in quick performance and smooth functioning of official work.

Knowledge I have Acquired

Prior to this internship I had no idea how a working environment function. Moreover, I had no idea that organizing files, documents and keeping copy of every work is so important. This internship helped me to understand its importance and the way of organizing the works in a proper way. From my one-month internship, I have learned that keeping a record of all task that you do is extremely important as a backup plan. Keeping the records safely will help you tackle with any difficult situation. Moreover, the most important thing that I have learn is that one must always organise their works properly to be able to complete them on time. Besides, working in an orderly manner will help to boost confidence in all the works that you do. From my experience, I have learned that keeping one must always clean their folders and keep a check on their documents time to time to avoid pile up of unimportant documents. I have always learned that one document maybe important for a certain time but it may become unimportant after a certain time, that is why we must always take time to revise our documents. This will also help us to keep our office clean. In my first month of working I have learned to work in a disciplined manner which is very important. Moreover, I have learned to instill confidence in whatever work I do. It has helped me to become even more responsible.


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