201615784_Course_Reflection_Journal Essay

Course Reflection Journal

Student Name: Hamdan Eissa Almazim

Student ID Number: 201615784

September 7, 2018

Our instructor, Thomas, discussed the values of happiness with us, along with the difference between subjective and objective thought. He emphasized that “happiness” falls within the category of subjectivity. In other words, the definition of happiness varies from person to person.

As an exercise, we took a quiz by Dr. Ed Diener online. This quiz tries to measure a person’s happiness to the closest degree:

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201615784_Course_Reflection_Journal Essay
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9, 2018

Today we took the same happiness quiz as last week to see if the result would be the same, or to see much it differs.

Last week my score was 80 out 115, whereas today my score was 80 out 115. What variables would be involved in such a difference in score?

In the general, my results did not change this week from last week. This means that happiness can only be measured if people connect their lives to their goals, it is depended about people some people think the happiness can be measured and some people no.

For example, if the people relate their life whit the goals that they planed they will fill happy when they reach these goals such as when they get a new job. On the other hand, some people fill happy when some small things happened in the life such as when the new baby is born to them. And that means the happiness cannot be measured.

September 11, 2018

Positive emotion. Discuss the difference between hedonic well-being and eudaimonic well-being. Compare moments in your life that you could describe as either hedonic, or eudaimonic. Do you ever feel that you are on the “hedonic treadmill”? Give some examples.

There are two types of Happiness Happiness that remain short term and that are temporary and that distance the pain and feel good moments in these moments, such as eating and going out with friends, and there is also the happiness that remain for the long term and see in the future such as growth and thinking in how To be successful and develop skills and strength.

Hedonic well-being: People try positive emotions to avoid pain and feel good moments. (Hedonic) is a kind of short-term happiness such as Fun, Pleasure, Enjoyment, Happy, eating, going out with friends.

Eudaimonic well-being: People are to be better themselves, and achievement develops their strength and skills. (Eudaimonic) is a kind of long-term happiness such as purpose, growth, self-acceptance, and relationships.


September 16, 2018

According to Martin Seligman, character strengths are an important part of PERMA. In other words, a person needs to know their character strengths and act on them regularly. So, what are our character strengths? One way we can discover our character strengths is by looking back at a difficult situation and recalling how we resolved it or made the situation better.

Instructions: Now describe that situation and what character strength you saw in yourself or discovered.

It is important and good to be the points of each person’s personality and each of us needs to know the fall of the strength of the personality and must act on it and in regularity. The personal strengths of the force. I have bad qualities and I do not like anyone to raise his voice but my personal strengths are patience. I remember the position of an incident with me when I was in the National Service officer shouted at me and tried to hold myself and I did not say anything to him but if I did not hold myself to a big problem occurred and I will separate myself from the National Service

September 23, 2018

What experience have you had where you were fully engaged in an activity? This is where time “stops,” you feel relaxed, it’s “easy” (even though the activity is challenging), and it leaves you feeling satisfied.

Next, think of a challenging activity you would like to try. What kind of skills and character strengths will you need to engage well in their can see PowerPoint slide 45 for a table of character strengths.

Now you write!!!

I have an experience with the football when I was in the match and it was an important match , and I was using the most important strong point in me and what is was patience I am so patient and I have confident and I believe in god, and what make me patience and confident is the life conditions that happened to me , in my opinion football need many of patience, the game condition will not be with you every time, but you should be patience. For example, you are in a match and the result is 0-0 after 70 minutes and the team try to have a goals and attack the game but they don’t have a good chance but in the 90 minute they get a win goal and that show that the team did not give up and they They struggled to the last moment.

October 14, 2018

Relationships. Describe a moment or episode in your life where you failed to use emotional intelligence. What was it like? What aspects of emotional intelligence, according to Goleman’s model (see slide 56), could you have used?

 Now describe a moment or episode from your life where you did use emotional intelligence. What was it like? Which aspects of Goleman’s model where you using?

The five areas of Goleman’s model for emotional intelligence can be summarized as follows;

1- Self Awareness- knowing what you’re thinking and feeling and how it’s affecting others

2-Self Regulation-thinking before acting

3-Motivation-working for a large purpose and not just for oneself 

4-Empathy-knowing what others are thinking and feeling

5- Social Skills-building rapport


Failed to use self-regulation 

One day I was having an exam and I didn’t study. I enter the exam without studying anything, I got bad grade that’s because of I didn’t think before I act. I should study then enter the exam.

Used self-regulation

 I was having an exam at the next day and I really say to myself I should study to get good grade at the exam. So, I study well and went to the exam at the another day. I really felt that the exam was so easy that because that I studied and work hard

October 21, 2018

What is our purpose?

Question to consider.

If have unlimited income and time, what would I do?

What am I good at?

How do I want to be remembered as being?

What do I want to be remembered as doing?

How can I use my character strengths in what I’m doing and/or who I am being now?

The goals for the happiness is to make your life going by positive emotions, if I have a amount of money I will start to help myself and be more confidents of myself by make business with these money and have a good shop with the thing I love to do it for the people and that will help my future. I have a talent in football game and I like to do it. I want when the people remember me remember my achievements and all the goals I reach it and I want when my name said all the people talk about my achievement before and things. I have many characters on my personality and the distinguished from them is that I am a very good leader ship I can lead a large group of people and make all of them go on the rules.

October 23, 2018

Would having children be fun? Would it bring you happiness? Or is parenting mostly about purpose/meaning? Is it possible to have both at the same time? What are your justifications for having children?

Think about purpose/meaning in terms of giving, and happiness in terms of taking from others. Another way to think about this is that happiness is about the present. while purpose/meaning is about linking the past, present and future.

Having a child in your life bring for you happiness because they are as a life in the house, and it add a happiness to the life, the procuress of bringing child in the life is to bring happiness to you and make you feel that you created a new generation to the future, and the make you be a leader for the future generations, term of giving is confirm how the person will get from you, and also you give them more time to take a period of happiness from you, and in the future that generations will have a big type of positive emotion, the process of having a child is to bring a happiness to house then study them and make them a good generation and equip them for the future and make theme And make them make achievements for the future and change it.

November 4, 2018

Give an example of something you have accomplished. What kinds of competencies did you need to do this?

What do you want to accomplish in the future? What kinds of things will you need do in order to achieve this goal? Do you have some kind of special circumstances, or special knowledge, that might help you succeed in this goal?

Past: I done many things that have many risks, and this decision was very important in my life is to join the national service and that decision change my life very much I be more responsible and I be more confident on myself I depend to make everything by myself and take and also I get financially responsible , I join the best university in the UAE and I have a stable life .

Future: my goal for the next days is to complete my university and get a bachelor also have a good work in my major and get marriage also have a happy life with my family and be a successful homeowner also keep my family in my own house and make theme get a good and comfortable life without shortfalls and that will help me have a happy life without stress and problems in my life .

November 6, 2018

What can a government do to improve happiness among its citizens? Based on what you have learned from the PERMA model for happiness and the variables used to measure happiness in the World Happiness Report (WHR), what initiatives would you take to improve happiness in the U.A.E?

UAE people is the luckiest people in the world. We call ourselves “The happiest people” everyone knows why we are the happiest people and the luckiest in the world. Our government is the first reason. Our government is keen to be the happiest people. We have provided all comforts, such as security, safety and entertainment. Our country has become one of the most famous countries in the world of tourism and the number of visitors to the country every year is increasing. In the past, if you asked anyone from Europe or America about the UAE, they don’t know it, but now half of the UAE population is tourists. Currently, UAE passport is the third in the world all thanks goes to Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed, who is making great efforts for his people. At the end I want to thank god that we have those sheiks that we are proud of them and they are proud of there people too.

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