Сompetition play in people’s daily life Essay

What part does competition play in people’s daily life? Do we put too much emphasis on competition? Are we more affected by its positive models or its less-desirable attributes? Does our economic system rely too heavily on winners and losers, or does the competitive marketplace spur new ideas and efficiencies? Now, I have a challenge for you. Think of one aspect of life that does not include competition. Do you find it hard to complete this task? If yes, why? This is because each day, in any number of ways, we are engaged in competition.

Competition exists when there is a scarcity of a desired outcome. Thus, you may wonder, what part does competition play in our daily’s life? Competition makes people to improve themselves every day. Without competition, a lot of people will consider themselves the best in their majors. Though such feeling of confidence is important, it inevitably limits their intentions to develop the knowledge and technique.

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Сompetition play in people’s daily life Essay
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The appearance of another specialist will challenge the importance of the colleague in the same group and encourage him to learn more and do more. A good example is in an orchestra, if there is only one person who is good at playing violin, he may think himself the best and seldom consider improving his skill. Now a new player who is more talented and had achieved higher grade in violin comes into the same orchestra. The former player must face the fact that he is not the best there and needs to learn more and work more to keep up with new skill while the later one will keep practising so that he will always be better than the first musician. This in turn, motivates other players and thus higher the standard of the orchestra. Besides that, competition helps people to learn. It makes us strive for better. When there is a competition, we tend to give our best in urge to win. Even if we lose, we have learnt something. We learnt from our failure and mistakes

For example, in school, students work hard to overcome other people to be the top scholar in the school. If they did not do well in their tests, they will know what are their weaknesses and thus learn more so that they cam improve that. Without competition, students would be lazy and become incompetent. This is because competition is a motivational factor for a person to excel in any field. If there is no competition, students may not study to score good marks since there is no ranking. Moreover, competition builds teamwork. By working as a group to achieve something, we need to work effectively with other people. This in turn, improves our communication skills, socialising skills and all round ability to work with other people. Therefore, competition makes us learn new things constantly. Furthermore, competition makes the manufactures invent better products which benefit the country and people. With the development of communication and transportation, merchandize can be easily transported from one country to another country, as well as new technique can be easily learned from one region to another region. International competitions in a lot of fields appear. With a lot of brands of the same kind of commodity, customers always prefer the brand with better quality and cheap price. Therefore international competition makes the manufactures develop this kind of merchandize with the good quality and appropriate price using the better technique. As a result, the newest product with better quality and reasonable price improves the quality of people’s daily life and increase the popularity of the country as many people will know the newest product which can improve the quality of their lives is made by this country. If the country has high popularity, the people living in that country will have a better life. This is because more tourists will know and want to visit that country and thus generates income of the country. The country will then develop infrastructures which benefit its people. In conclusion, competition makes people to learn and improve and improve their standard of lives.

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